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Much has been written about Dubrovnik old town, or “Stari Grad” as the locals call it. The town is just as much protected by Unesco as by the locals, who value their inheritage by respecting the local architecture to the letter.


Most wedding reception venues in Dubrovnik are seaside venues, 95% of those have a direct seaview from where you would be dining. The views are of a clear blue Adriatic sea, it does not get much better than that.


Wedding photography in Dubrovnik is synonym for beautiful backdrops, ranging from historical buildings, palaces, seaside, flowering gardens. The combination of all this guarantees a diverse wedding album.

Full wedding planning support

We no longer leave the wedding planning just in the hands of the planners. From the start we have the work divided into clear sections so you have support from the right person regarding the right aspect of your wedding day. The planners still remain the glue and will summarize and control all information flow so nothing get’s lost along the way. Our support to you is a result of teamwork, as will be everything we will do for you.


The price is right

When you go out and about comparing the prices between all wedding planners, try to get a feel for what you get for your money. It is easy to compare the elements of wedding packages, but it is far more difficult to compare the human side of the team you decide to work with. We’re quite certain that for what we give, we’re actually cheap. For you to decide and come and test us out.

Wedding Professionals

Our company has grown in skills over time. We now are so happy to have a well rounded team in which all of us has their specific place and role. We have a wedding designer, a wedding photographer, a symbolic wedding assistant, a coordinator and two wedding planners on board. It feels good to have colleagues who know what to do, we hope to transmit this feeling of confidence to you as well!


We’re multilingual

You can imagine how terribly important languages are in our business. We assist wedding couples from all over the world, so we use our language skills to the best of our advantage. Yes, we do master the following languages within the team: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Croatian and a teeny weeny bit of Mandarin. Ni Hau!


Dubrovnik is perfect for weddings


Dubrovnik is the number 1 tourist destination in Croatia. There are many reasons why this little village near the sea is so popular. When you are interested in finding out more about this holiday destination in the South of Croatia. The part of Croatia that is best known and most visited by tourists is the Dalmatian coast and its offshore islands in the Adriatic Sea. The Southern Coastline is the most developed and has two airports: Dubrovnik airport and Split airport.

The seaside city Dubrovnik is located almost at the very South of the country, it is well known for it’s historical beauty, clean beaches and a historical car-free old city center built on the water. Although Dubrovnik is by far not the only location in Croatia where you could have a destination wedding, it is the most popular due to many factors, which will hopefully become clear to you when you browse through this website.

Thinking of getting married abroad?

We offer Destination Wedding Services in Sicily and Croatia.  Sicily is having more and more pull now that Dubrovnik’s wedding prices are systematically increasing year after year. It does not hurt to get more details about a potential wedding in Italy at www.theweddingtailors.com


What People Say About Us


On behalf of my new wife and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for everything you have done to make our Wedding experience so fantastic!! The entire service you provided was excellent and you made everything so easy and stress free for us both. From our initial email contact, through to our meeting in October and the various Skype chats we had in preparation to heading over to Dubrovnik, all aspects of our relationship with Dubrovnik Weddings was perfect. You spent time with us during our visit to discuss our options and helped us to create the wedding package we wanted; Nina was then very helpful via Skype for the rest of the time between this meeting and our big day.

– Anthony Darrer