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A glamorous wedding in Dubrovnik

A glamorous wedding in Dubrovnik

Kate Hedigan and David Fleming’s wedding at the Palm Terrace of the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik can only be described as a glamorous event.
The bridal party, dressed in elegant black evening gowns with diamante shoulder accents, all had perfectly matching hairdo’s, make up, flowers… it was a day planned into the smallest detail.
dubrovnik sunset wedding
All of their 98 wedding guests travelled the distance to Dubrovnik to witness the union at the St. Ignatius Church in the old city center. The bride walked down the aisle accompanied by her Father Mr. Hedigan.
A champagne cruise followed after which a grand dinner was waiting for guests at the Palm Terrace.
Without further do… let’s see the work of wedding photographer Zeljko and discover how the wedding day looked like.

Mr. and Mrs. Fleming, married in Dubrovnik in June 2012, Picture taken at the Hotel Excelsior*****
Getting ready shots taken at the Hotel Excelsior, the room is complimentary offered by the hotel.

Hey dude! What’s that you’re doin?

The walk through the old town with the bride is generally a part of the day that fathers never forget.

Aren’t they cute?

Several giggles lifted up the ceremony, nerves were in the air. The priest smiled all the way through mass.

And here they are, cheers from everybody as the bride and groom left the Saint Ignatius church.

Groups picture taken at the steps of the church: notice the girl, she clearly found the mass exhausting!

Second shot: everybody woke up 🙂 !

Aren’t they a lovely couple?

Kate later said that the search for the right dress was indeed as everybody always says:
once you see it, you know it is the one.

There are so many possibilities for good pictures in the old town.

Entrance of the bride and groom… applause!

These pictures show you why this venue is THE most popular wedding venue in Dubrovnik.

Party time at the Palm Terrace.

One last picture to finish off a beautiful wedding day in Dubrovnik.
Thank you Kate and David, for allowing us to assist you at such a great wedding day.

The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

One thought on “A glamorous wedding in Dubrovnik

  1. Big congratulations to Kate and David!! What a beautiful couple! Nina and DW team – the wedding looks simply stunning! Gorgeous work, as always! Sending big hugs from Canada 🙂

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