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A groom with a view, reunited after 30 years

A groom with a view, reunited after 30 years

Chris and Julie Briggs… a modern days love story.
In love as teenagers, separated by live’s strange twist of events, but reunited and married, here… in Dubrovnik after 30 years.
Yes, the story made us cry, but the ceremony even more.

Watch here not only the slideshow of their wedding day but also a video trailer of their vow renewal a year later.




The Vow Renewal in Dubrovnik

The reference from the groom, Chris Briggs

Read his experience here


2 thoughts on “A groom with a view, reunited after 30 years

  1. Hi Team,

    We are a couple in our early thirties interested in an outdoor wedding with sea views, for 35-40 guests.

    Please send in some pricing of suitable options.


    • Hi Jess,

      we have just emailed you some venues which might interest you and we included 2 budget examples because we were not sure what type f ceremony you liked, so we sent you two so you get an idea on how the cost of a wedding ceremony can influence a budget.

      Please let us know your thoughts!

      The Dubrovnik-Weddings Team

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