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A Groom With a View

A Groom With a View

Wedding feedback from a savvy entrepreneurial couple:

I could tell you how we connected with Nina from the start and how she made it easy for Juliet and I to choose her and her team over the other wedding planners we’d spoken to.I could tell you how the numerous Skype discussions and meticulous planning meant the day ran just as we dreamed it would.

I could tell you about Nina and her team…

How, always smiling and joking, Dragica interpreted our thoughts and ideas and made the venues look stunning.
How, romantic Anita checked we had all we wanted, guided us through the processes we would need to go through, put us at ease and told us to take our time as it’s our day and we want Zejko to capture the best moments possible.
How fun-loving Ella helped us with last-minute checks, how she kept things light and fun and made sure everyone danced and laughed at our reception.
How sensitive Zeljko worked hard all day to capture the perfect moments and make sure we had a lifetime of wonderful memories.
And how Nina brought it all together and just made sure it just worked and even calmly talked about possible “Plan B”s as the weather was threatening to put a dampener on the day.
And I could tell you how Nina and her team worked so well together to make sure our wishes and desires became realities.
I could tell you all of this or I could tell you what I remember.


I could tell you that I remember arriving at the Villa Banac for the ceremony and smiling when I saw how the terrace had been laid out just as we envisaged.  That I remember friends and family coming over to greet me, grinning, emotional and so excited to be a part of what was about to happen.  That I remember the string trio, from the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, playing beautifully.
I could tell you that I remember how stunning Juliet looked as she walked down the aisle and how her eyes shone behind her tears. That I remember how perfect the ceremony was and how few dry eyes there were amongst the 46 people who had flown in to share our day with us.
I could tell you about the memorable boat ride from Cavtat to Dubrovnik, the walk through the stunning historic old town and the amazing reception we had; the laughter, the dancing, the entertaining speeches and the wonderful food and all with the most amazing view of Dubrovnik old town and coastline.
But instead, I’ll simply tell you that it was the most perfect day. The perfect day to marry my first love, reunited after 30 years.
And, I’ll finish by telling you that we will never forget that perfect day and we can never thank Nina and her amazing team enough for setting the stage so that the day was just that, and for giving us the most wonderful memories that will stay with us forever.

Chris Briggs.

Short facts.
Married to Juliet on 12.09.2013
Wedding ceremony: Villa Banac Cavtat
Wedding reception: Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik
Wedding planner: Dubrovnik Weddings

The Wedding day at the Villa Banac in Cavtat, Croatia


4 thoughts on “A Groom With a View

  1. We could tell you that you are our favorite couple of all times….
    And I will tell you that you are from the first time I met You I knew that….
    Thank you for showing us meaning of true love…

  2. Dear Chris,

    I had a frog in my throat when getting your letter with these words.
    It is really a lovely gesture which is so appreciated by all of us.
    I am looking forward to meeting you both again in Abu Dhabi this April!

    I have a feeling we shall be seeing you again in Croatia too though! 🙂 🙂
    Thank you once again!


  3. Yes Chris, you “could” have told us so many things, but it is not necessary since a perfect day is made by a perfect couple – you were just such a perfect couple : loving… caring, not only for each other but for all your guests, full of tiny details, but so easygoing and full of laughter and joy. It was great to have been a part of your special day. See you at your first anniversary in Dubrovnik !

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