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A helping hand… from your priest

A helping hand… from your priest

You are getting married in Dubrovnik, you have just walked down the aisle, and your priests invites you up on the altar to light the wedding candle.

Your hands seem to be shaking even harder than your legs. You try but cannot light the candle…. it is in that very moment that the helping hand of your priest is so very welcome.

It is often hard to explain to people travelling from another part of the world that they will be well taken care off during their wedding ceremony. We will share some images with you taken at the Saint Ignatius Church, images of how, we feel, a nice and friendly priest can contribute so so much to the beauty and magic of a wedding ceremony.








Thank you to Padre Petar, the shining light from the Saint Ignatius Church.


The Dubrovnik-Weddings team

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