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A Mediterranean Garden Wedding

A Mediterranean Garden Wedding

Often we do get questions from couples that do not want to have a grand big wedding. On the contrary, they want simplicity and something what they describe as “different” from what they could have at home.
Bride Sharon was asking us the exact same questions: “what options do we have for a smaller wedding party?”
The Mediterranean Garden in Dubrovnik is perfect for smaller weddings.
She wrote us.

Where can you have a lovely outdoors wedding for a smaller guest number?

Well, usually the first question we have to ask is what is the budget.
Most venues in this region charge a rental or an exclusivity fee for a low guest number. This can be charged for any number below 30 or 40 or even 50 guests, depending on the venue. So if you plan a wedding smaller than that, watch out for those fees, which can easily be 1000 euro flat rate.
Not at the Mediterranean Garden!
Ivana’s post already described elaborately how happy she was having her wedding at the garden, if you missed it, do check here .
Sharon wrote us shortly after her big day:
Jonathan and I had a wonderful day on Tuesday. It surpassed our expectations, the venue, decorations & dinner was exceptional – thank you so much. Our guests were so impressed too!


The Garden is one of few venues where the rental is still affordable and the venue is having so many elements which are unique in Dubrovnik, so do check it out! We are happy to email more wedding images to those that want to see more.
Today, we want to share with you the images of Sharon and Jonathon’s wedding.
Wedding ceremony decor, outdoors wedding

After the wedding ceremony, the whole wedding party went to the old town in Dubrovnik to have drinks & of course… have more pictures taken!

Dubrovnik Wedding Photography

The beautiful garden of the Dominican Monastery.
Notice how relaxed they are, just as it should be!

A few images of the bridal table with the flower decor in various hues of pinks and purples.

Happy planning everyone!

The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

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