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A picture perfect wedding in Cavtat, Emma and Daniel’s big day!

A picture perfect wedding in Cavtat, Emma and Daniel’s big day!

When you know from the start that Cavtat is the place for your wedding…
Then you are just like Emma and Daniel. From our very first contact, there was not much discussion about wedding venues. Emma and Daniel knew… Cavtat was THE location for their wedding!
You might wonder why, because let’s be honest… what can beat Dubrovnik right?
Well…. This:
Outdoor weddings in Cavtat, Croatia

An outdoors ceremony with views over the bay in Cavtat

and this:

Cavtat Panorama, Croatia Picture taken on the wedding day of Daniel and Emma, view over the little village of Cavtat.
church in Cavtat, Croatia
The small picturesque church and the Riva of Cavtat
Back to Daniel and Emma now.
Daniel is a smart man. He told us the story of how he “conquered” Emma… she never stood a chance. Seeing that both work as nurses at the same hospital, but in different divisions, Daniel (alias 007) decided to take advantage of all possible resources he had to get all background details about Emma.
He informed the patients about his “plan” who willingly spied for him and gave him feedback on what Emma had said, had done… liked… disliked. In true Bond style.
Emma did not know that by their third date… Daniel was ready to strike… and so he did.
Result? See below!

Wedding Photography Dubrovnik

As I said… he’s a smart man.

Let us have a look at the wedding day of this couple from Surrey, U.K., this is only a short picture overview… it was hard to choose amongst 600 images. So here comes only a small selection which will hopefully show the spirit of their day.

Emma and her father, followed by the bridesmaids, on their way to the villa.

Bridal bouquets in various shades of pink and white.

One of the last moments before walking down the aisle… Emma was pretty nervous.

Can a ceremony look any better? Really?

The bridesmaids in pink.

This picture is so perfect it is almost unreal.

Even though the vows were short an memorized… nerves kicked in and help was needed.


Happy moments.

The greenery at the villa is always a nice backdrop.

How cute is she right?

Emma is again in the air, we think Daniel wants to make a statement… what do you think?

The Riva in Cavtat

stolen moment.

There is something timeless about this picture…

Wedding Reception at the Villa in Cavtat

The opening dance was slow… the band made sure the rest of the evening rocked!!

Sunset. Relaxed. Happy. Possibly a little tipsy… a long party followed.

Daniel and Emma, we know that you are both happy with your day.
We also know that you know that we are happy because you are happy.
Or… how was it?

You know what we mean.
Thank you both.
For being such good sports.
For being so in love and making us cry at the ceremony.
For being able to overcome all obstacles and getting married with us in Croatia.
We expect a return visit for your vow renewal!

The Dubrovnik Weddings-Team

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