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An intimite romantic wedding in Dubrovnik

An intimite romantic wedding in Dubrovnik


Julie and Gary are what we call “a relaxed couple”.


Their wedding had nothing to do with anything else but their deep love for one and another, and so, all elements which were unneeded and superficial were stripped away so that all what remains is pure emotions, love and happiness. Love can be so simple, isn’t it?


They had picked their wedding date to match Julie’s son’s birthday, so that both events could be celebrated together in Dubrovnik.During our wedding planning stage, and our skype calls, it became clear to us that Julie and Gary were coming to Dubrovnik to enjoy the weather, the setting and to relax with their family and friends. They wanted something different! They did not want to get married in the UK, so Dubrovnik was their pick.

Julie and Gary picked the Mediterranean Garden as their wedding venue, for both the wedding ceremony as the wedding reception. here are some images of this intimate garden wedding in Dubrovnik.













Happy Wedding planning everybody!

The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

4 thoughts on “An intimite romantic wedding in Dubrovnik

  1. Hi, myself and my fiancé would love to get married in Dubrovnik. We have set a date for April 2018 but want are keen to get things moving now. There are likely to be around 50 guests and we are on a tight budget. We need your help!!! Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Dear Samantha,

      ok, we will try to assist you. I have reached out to you via email.
      Do give me a bit more details and we’ll see if we can work something out for you.

      Kind regards,


  2. Jonathan O Dwyer


    My fiance and I love the look of this location and would have a similar number of guests, approx 20. Our dates are flexible but obviously we would like it to be during the sunnier months of the year although not necessarily summer. Would you be able to give us an indication of the costs involved in hiring this venue for our wedding so that we could have an idea if it is a possibility . I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you

    Jonathan O Dwyer

    • Dear Jonathan,

      yes, of course this will be possible.
      This is one of the few venues in Dubrovnik which are actually perfectly suited for smaller weddings and still offering you privacy.

      You can find more images of this venue, including some of their menu options HERE

      I will email you a budget example, so you can see what the costs of a wedding day would be.

      Kind regards,


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