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A wedding reception in Cavtat – Old World Romance for a new couple

A wedding reception in Cavtat – Old World Romance for a new couple

Cavtat is little known among brides and grooms, and really, I don’t understand why. There is no little town as romantic, in my opinion, as this one. Hidden between the airport and Dubrovnik lies this little gem of a town. You will drive by it’s exit without knowing if you don’t pay attention.

Of every 20 requests, maybe 1 is asking me directly for Cavtat. Unjust is you ask me.

This little seaside ex fisherman village has everything a wedding needs: plenty of photo opportunities, a port idea for those boat cruises, a seaside church and a wedding ceremony / reception venue overlooking the bay. The more famous big-brother Dubrovnik has all of this, bigger, yes, but that does not mean it’s better. Busier for sure, but better… no.

This post is mostly dedicated to everything what happened after the wedding ceremony of Jas and Vijay, but if you are interested in seeing the images of the ceremony itself, click here.

After their panoramic wedding we went to the old town of Dubrovnik for a photo shoot, followed by a welcome drink at a local tavern, and then off to Cavtat… by boat! Here is a small selection of images to show you how beautiful the small Cavtat can be!

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2 thoughts on “A wedding reception in Cavtat – Old World Romance for a new couple

  1. Anne Kristine Johansson

    Hi, I was looking for wedding-venues in Croatia and discovered Cavtat, which looks amazing! We are getting married in 2019, may june or september. We are on a Budget. We will probably be 50-80 People in the wedding. Can you please send me some options for venues, catering, etc?

    Anne Kristine

    • Hello Anne Kristine,

      thank you for your message here.
      We have emailed you explanations and a full wedding day budget for you to review.

      We look forward to hearing back from you!


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