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Aisle runner alternatives for outdoor weddings

Aisle runner alternatives for outdoor weddings

On your wedding day you will stand at one end of an aisle, preparing to make the most important walk of your life. A walk to the end of that aisle into the arms of the man you love, the man you will spend the rest of your life with.We want that walk to be special, memorable and look gorgeous; something for everyone to remember. When planning your wedding décor don’t forget to think about your ceremony and wedding aisle look. The foundation of most ceremony aisles are aisle runners, they’ll set the stage as you take your important wedding walk. Traditional aisle runners are found in white or ivory or red, but let’s see how you could personalise your wedding day, shall we?

Petal design 11 in two shades of rose petals on top of a white carpet

Petal Ribbons or Swirls to border the aisle

If you’re a bride who is looking for a stunning yet organic way to stylize her outdoor wedding ceremony, decorating your aisle with flower petals en lieu of an aisle runner might be the perfect option. The design possibilities are endless: whether you choose to use flower petals to line the perimeter of the aisle, to create a pattern, or to blanket the ground like snow, the result is sure to impress. Stick to a classic all-white palette or incorporate your color theme.

Petal Swirls are excellent for outdoor weddings and brides who prefer not to walk on an aisle runner but would still like to accent their aisle with petals. We love this design from Karen Tran Florals which is perfect for those outdoor weddings.
In the green garden of the Grand Villa Argentina or the lovely flooring of the Sponza Palace this would be a perfect match.

Dubrovnik Sponza palace wedding

Petal design 11 in white on top of a red carpet

dubrovnikweddings.com, dubrovnik wedding agency

This carpet shows 3 shades of petals: white, soft pink and fuchsia.

dubrovnikweddings.com, Dubrovnik wedding planners

One shade of petals in purple on a white base carpet.

If you want to make a statement, then extend the design over the total length and width of your aisle, using the colours of your wedding theme. Here are some more images for your inspiration!


You can also border your aisle with petal ribbons, which are 20 cm wide and are placed on either side of the aisle. You can opt to place these on top of your red or cream carpet or they can be placed on the existing flooring of your ceremony venue.
blue petal aisle
red petal aisle runner

What is the best way to choose colours for my petal carpet design?

Deciding on the colours you want to use is probably one of the first decisions you have to make. We include from 1 up to 3 colours in our designs, you can choose which.

Here are a few examples of colour graduations, the base colour is always a white petal which is then combined with 2 more colours of the same shade.

dubrovnikweddings.com, destination wedding planner croatia

The picture below shows a ceremony set up at the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik. The red carpet is used as a base colour on which 3 shades of petals can create a design. This mock up uses our “petal design 2” with petals in white, soft pink and fuchsia.

dubrovnikweddings.com, Hotel excelsior wedding

Here is another mock up of a ceremony set up at Lokrum island, where a white carpet is the base of the aisle on top of which you can see “petal design 12” in duo tone petals. Duo tone petals are petals where you have two colours combined in one petal.

dubrovnikweddings.com, Lokrum island wedding

Lokrum Island small wedding ceremony



Petal design to accentuate the bride and groom.

If you would like to accentuate the area of the “altar” or”ceremony table” then you can create a frame in which or behind which you can stand during the ceremony.

Here is one example which we found on the internet, but if this interests you you should definitely check out our petal frame designs as well.



Add a Petal Monogram to your aisle

We think a Monogram looks nice on any surface, it may be a grassy field, beautiful tiles of a church or a cream or red carpet… by adding a monogram (or 2) to the beginning of an aisle you really cannot go wrong.

How to order a petal swirl design, petal ribbons or monogram

We are so happy to be able to offer various design options for all you brides and grooms coming over to Dubrovnik to get married.As of December 2013, we welcome any request to make such a petal design and we commit to have your chosen design delivered to any location in Dubrovnik a few days before your wedding.

Remember, all these designs will be handmade to fit your wedding. Please contact us to discuss the style you wish to recreate for your own wedding day and we shall get back to you with the prices and details.

All orders have to be placed before the end of February to allow us to have enough time to finalise your design and have it in perfect condition on your wedding day!

Here are our design choices:

Petal carpet, wedding ceremony, dubrovnikweddings.com
Petal carpet, wedding ceremony, dubrovnikweddings.com
Petal carpet, wedding ceremony, dubrovnikweddings.com
Petal carpet, wedding ceremony, dubrovnikweddings.com
Petal carpet, wedding ceremony, dubrovnikweddings.com
Petal carpet, wedding ceremony, dubrovnikweddings.com

How much does a petal swirl design or perimeter design for the aisle cost?

Any design we create for you is custom made. The cost will ultimately depend on the length of the design.

But let’s give you an example for an aisle which is 10 meters long, which is just about the average in Dubrovnik for most of the wedding venues here.

A swirl design OR a perimeter design (both ends of the aisle covered with a border of petals) will cost approx. 150 euro.

The design can be reused for the entrance at your dinner venue… to lead the way towards your table plan for example.

How can I order?

Place an order here

Happy petal-designing!

The Dubrovnik-Weddings Team

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