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An Indian Mehndi in Mlini

An Indian Mehndi in Mlini

This Indian Celebration turned Mlini, a small seaside village in the South of Croatia, into a colorful and happy place. And as always, when you want to plan a quiet get together, it generally turns into a real party. This was no different.


Over a hundred guests traveled from the UK, India, Canada… pretty much from all over, to witness the 3 day event and wedding of Varinder and Reena. It was a beautiful day in May, and a great start of the Dubrovnik Wedding Season.

The plan was to have a simple get together at the sea, without many formalities. We did not count on the surprises organized by the family members, so the word  “simple” was quickly replaced by “eventful” … this get together surely set the tone for the remaining two days, which we surely will not easily forget.



DAY 1: The Mehndi in Mlini: images of a colorful Spring day

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