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Are we the craziest couple this season?

Are we the craziest couple this season?

Krystina and Daniel were so much fun – a relaxed and easy-going couple. We could see that they chose to get married in Croatia for themselves… like it should be! Often, couples are more concerned about their guests (understandably, of course) and worry (too much) about how they feel, enough to eat, drink… all that… basically being the perfect hosts.


It can be hard to focus on (too) many things and have fun at the same time. But fun was all that Krystina and Daniel had in mind, and they were absolutely right.



Despite the warm temperature on their wedding day, it was a wonderful day. We got to witness true happiness. They were happy because of each other… it was a beautiful example of “how to enjoy your own wedding”.

They knocked our socks off by the Cupid Shuffle. That was the moment when Krystina noticed a big question mark above our heads and asked – “are we the craziest couple this season?”

No, dear Krystina, but definitely the most fun one!












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