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Becky’s final post: my wedding day in Dubrovnik

Becky’s final post: my wedding day in Dubrovnik

We got married in Dubrovnik!

It’s done. We’re back home. No more planning. No more pre-wedding excitement. We are married!

Don’t get me wrong here, I love to be married, it’s what we both wanted so much, but I do feel like I’m missing the whole wedding planning. I had a great fun and even though I often could not make up my mind, I miss it.

So what to say… maybe you want to read our full wedding feedback which Will has emailed earlier, you can find it on this site here: Our official feedback.

I just could not get myself to write about the wedding earlier as I’m sensing a mix of sadness as well as complete happiness, it was just such a beautiful day, it ran so smoothly, I wish I could relive it. A big big thank you to everybody behind the scenes of our wedding, especially the people at Dubrovnik Weddings. If you are a bride and want to email with me to find out more, just ask Nina for my email.

married in dubrovnik

We just love the pictures we received, there are so many and they’re so good! I still get emotional when seeing them.

When the photographer came to our suite…. we were not exactly ready but he did manage to catch me in a quiet moment.


Remember how I just did not know what type of bouquet to choose? First I wanted very soft peach, then whites… I just could not make up my mind. Well… this is the bouquet I got, which is just so romantic with different shades of peach and whites and it matched my lace dress to perfection. In the back you see the shape of the old town, the view we had from our ceremony.

Our ceremony was at the Palm Terrace, overlooking the old town. We had prepared gift bags for our guests with a small ceremony booklet, a fan and a small gift. One thing I should have told everybody before the wedding was to surely take their sunglasses, only on the day I realized I didn’t.

Outdoors wedding ceremony, Palm Terrace Dubrovnik
Married at the Palm Terrace, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Even though it was so hot…. Will was being brave during our photoshoot in the old town. Our guests were already taken to the port where the boat was waiting for them, we used the time to have our pictures taken in the town.


Will wanted a big galleon, but with a rental price of 2700 euro or more (depending on which one you like best) we were just not able to stretch our budget so much. Especially seeing that I splashed out on my dress quite a bit more than planned! 🙂 🙂
So, again, we asked the help of our planner who came up with this boat which has two decks. Loved it! We had unlimited beers and sparkling wine which was a good decision because our guests were drinking so much, it was amazing how fast those bottles emptied one after the other. OK… it was hot… let that be the excuse! 🙂

One thing I would change though is the order of the wines. We did add red and white wines to the order for our guests to drink; during the whole trip, only half a bottle of wine was drunk. It was a waist of money.

Champagne boat cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia


The most expensive cost of our wedding was for sure the rental fee of the sponza palace. But it was sooooo worth it! What a fantastic setting. When the doors opened of the palace and we saw the set up, the music was playing, the waiters welcomed us with trays of champagne… it was just a waw moment, unforgettable.

Sponza Palace dinner reception, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Gala dinner, Sponza Palace Dubrovnik
Catering Dubrovnik, Sponza Palace
Sponza Palace Weddings, Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings

I must admit, we were most apprehensive about the catering. There is no kitchen so you really need to source a good caterer. We had asked prices at almost all catering companies in the area, they varied from 85 to 130 euro a person for a meal… so you need to be carefull. We chose for the cheaper end because the rental was already so high, so we had our fingers crossed we did make the right decision! It was perfect, the food was excellent and the dinner service very swift. The waiters were of the best we have experienced during our holiday there and many guests said that even the food on our wedding was the best they had eaten in Dubrovnik. Again, a big thank you to our wedding planner here because she was the one to do all the preparation, she instructed the caterers on the time tables and all the details.


So… are we happy? Yes, we are! We met with our planner two days after the wedding, thinking hard which constructive criticism to give. It was such a nice day, Will couldn’t think of anything and myself, same here. We settled how many bottles of wine were left and aranged for us to pick them up so we could have a small after wedding-party and that was that! We were left with few days of holiday before heading home. I would like to finish this report on our wedding day with a drawing that one of our friends made in our guest book on the wedding day, it does seem the most appropriate way to end our wedding adventure!

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