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Choosing a church for your wedding in Dubrovnik

Choosing a church for your wedding in Dubrovnik

With such a beautiful historical city center like Dubrovnik you can rest assure that the surroundings of the churches are all en par with what you would expect form a Unesco world heritage site.
So what it all comes down to is finding a church that you like most.
In the old city center there are 4 main churches:
Let’s explore the 4 main wedding venues for Roman Catholic weddings starting by the Dominican Church.
The church has two entrances, a side entrance and a front entrance.
This is the side entrance, a fantastic piece of historical architecture:
This impressive stairway with a stone balustrade leads to the main church entrance.
 Above the door is a Romanesque statue of St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican order. 
This is quite a spacious church, with a wide aisle and a large open area behind the altar. The interesting thing about this particular church is the lightning. When you plan an afternoon wedding ceremony, the sunrays will lighten one side of the church giving it that special touch for the wedding photo’s. In the picture below, notice how the left side of the aisle as well as the bride are caught in a sunray.
As the bridesmaids and the father and the bride make their entrance, notice the lightning of the background. This is the only church in Dubrovnik that has such interesting lightning.
Luckily, this church is usually not crowded like the St. Blaise church or the cathedral, for those that want to avoid the busy churches this is a good alternative. Below some more wedding images taken at the main stairs leading towards the entrance of the church.
Attached to the church is the monastery with a beautiful courtyard, it is one of the most special photo opportunities. the backdrop is just picture perfect.
Just to show you how close this church is to the port, have a look from a different angle. This is the Dominican Monastery in Dubrovnik, the old port is merely a 3 minute walk away. Many couples will choose to have their wedding celebration in church followed by a champagne boat cruise.
If you would like to see more images of the Dominican church you can see them here
For decoration options for the church weddings we also have uploaded several images, you can find those here.
Next week, we are going to post more interesting details about the St. Blaise church in Dubrovnik all from a wedding-perspective.

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