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Dubrovnik Weddings – religious paperwork procedure

In general, the church always issues the same documents for weddings

The Religious Authorities in Dubrovnik need a proof of your single status as well as a proof that you are a member of the church. The first step to take is to contact your local parish’ priest.




Seeing the set of documents is posted by your parish priest and then sent to your regional Bishop which sends it to the Bishop of Dubrovnik which then in his turn lets the parish priest here know when all is approved…. it is clear that we will not know for sure where they are.

Please let us know when the documents are posted. We will then contact the parish in Dubrovnik after 3 weeks to see if all had been received and approved.


If one partner is religious and the other is not, then you will fall under the “mixed marriages” category. In order to still be able to marry in the church you need all the mentioned documents plus the following one:

Permission / Dispensation Form for “Permission for Mixed Religion”.

This document testifies that the wedding celebration can be performed by the Croatian Church.

Choose your church

The very first step is to choose the church you would like to get married at. We must then check availability for the date and time you would like to celebrate your marriage.
If the church is free it is best to immediately book it so that you can rest assure the ceremony can take place.
Contact us to start with this first step.

Contact your parish priest

You need to contact your local parish priest and inform him you wish to get married in Croatia. Some priests will ask you to follow a premarital course, others not. Your priest will explain to you how he will like to proceed.
He will issue a document called “Nihil Obstat”, this is the key document to get married here. This document needs to be sent by your Bishop to the Bishop of Dubrovnik.

Posting your documents

Make sure you have completed a pre marital course (if your priest wants you to do this) the latest 5 months before your wedding date.
All religious documents should be issued between 7 and 4 months before the wedding. Ideally, you would want your parish priest to send them to Dubrovnik’s Bishop around 5 months before the wedding date.
If they are sent much later the parish could consider accepting other bookings.


The list of Religious documents you need to marry

  • ” Formal letter from your parish priest granting permission for the wedding to be performed in the church of (name of church) on date….
  • ” Baptismal certificate with notations (noting that you have never previously been married); includes info about your Holy Communion and Confirmation
  • ” Pre-Cana certificate: this shows that you have attended pre-marital classes
  • ” Pre-nuptial investigation form: this is a signed questionnaire with church seals/signatures. This document must be stamped by the local Bishop’s office (NOT just your priest)