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    We know this can all be overwhelming... you are engaged, you are happy, but then it hits you... you have to plan a wedding!

    If a destination wedding is your goal, we would be so happy to help you out!

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Our outdoors wedding packages

There are several items which we feel are logical and yes, almost considered to be “standard” service. Here is a list of what we mean by that. Below are the elements which specifically cater to a wedding assistance package.

These packages are designed for weddings starting with 20 guests, if you have a smaller wedding, go to the small wedding section instead. dubrovnikweddings swirl3

  • Information for obtaining documentation required from home country. See details here.
  • Handling of all documentation required to validate the civil wedding ceremony. (if you have decided to have a civil ceremony)
  • Registration of wedding and insuring that your wedding certificate is legalized at the Dubrovnik Court after marriage ceremony.
  • Sending all marriage certificates via mail to your home address.
  • Personalised help to find affordable private accommodation for you and your guests.
  • Supporting documents developed by us: full wedding budget, contract, wedding checklist, wedding day time table, paperwork to submit.
  • Unlimited email access and regular scheduled phone calls to keep up to date with latest changes.
  • Booking of all suppliers and making sure deposits are paid timely.
  • Pre-wedding meeting to answer questions and familiarize everybody with our schedule.
  • We plan a ceremony rehearsal to help prepare all key members of the ceremony
  • Wedding day presence to ensure a smooth flow of the day.