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Dubrovnik behind the scenes: being a Banquet Manager of a five star hotel.

Dubrovnik behind the scenes: being a Banquet Manager of a five star hotel.

We never speak much about the people working behind the wedding scene in Dubrovnik, but maybe we should. Today we would like you to get to know the face of the Banqueting manager at the Hotel Excelsior. She is involved in all the weddings in Dubrovnik when they take place at the Hotel Grand Villa Argentina and the Hotel Excelsior.

Introducing: Ivana Eres, our accomplice in many weddings in Dubrovnik.



Ivana Eres, Banquet Manager Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik
Ivana Eres, Banquet Manager

My first position at Hotel Excelsior in 2005 was a door woman and I thought that I would work only for a few months there, to earn some money because at that time I was still a student. I was very wrong!

After 4 months I became a part of Food and Beverage team. My position was Food and Beverage secretary and I spent a lot of hours in the kitchen with our chef coordinating things between kitchen and waiters. My specialty was – and still is – weddings and events.

You have recently been promoted to Banquet Manager, congratulations! Would you like to explain to what this promotion means?

Thank you! After almost 7 years working, 2 beautiful daughters and a husband… this year I am promoted to Banquet Manager for Hotel Excelsior and Grand Villa Argentina. First, this promotion means that I have to handle almost the double number of weddings and events but it also means that I have a chance to meet more interesting young people who are starting their new life together.

Is it hard to manage both the Hotel Excelsior and the Hotel Grand Villa Argentina? What are the challenges you are faced with?

For me it is a challenge but I like challenges. That keeps me motivated. I have a chance to learn new things and to pass my knowledge onto other people.

You work at one of the most popular wedding reception venues in Dubrovnik. How many weddings do you have every year?

I do! And I am extremely proud of that. I cannot imagine a better place to work at. The view from the Palm garden at Hotel Excelsior is worth a million dollars and the feeling you get when you sit at the VIP area of the lounge bar at Grand Hotel Argentina just leaves you speechless.

Terrace view, Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik View from the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik
Grand Villa Argentina Lounge Bar
View from the Lounge Bar at the Grand Villa Argentina

If you could get married again… how would you do it?

I have the best husband in the whole wide world and the only thing that I can do is to renew our wows and plan a big celebration. It has to be with all our friends, with great half-Dalmatian-half-Slavonian food and a lot of wine! 🙂

When a couple starts to plan a wedding they have a million questions. What would be your top 5 tips for any wedding couple?

  1. Do not panic about the details.
  2. Talk about your budget and decide together about everything.
  3. Be a star of the evening not a person who will check all the small things during the day. We are here for you to do that!
  4. Be realistic.
  5. Choose a great wedding planner and the best venue.

What do you like and dislike at your job?
LIKES: I am always surrounded with great food and drinks! I have a chance to meet celebrities and to talk with them normally and I have a really good relationship with my colleagues and my business partners.
DISLIKES: I do not like bridezillas!

You are very much apart from your family during the summer season, that must be difficult… ?

It is hard. During the summer both my girls stay with my mother in Zadar. Only someone who has a similar situation and who has kids could understand how hard it is. But I adore my job. I have great colleagues who are supporting me and helping me in every way, so thank you Ms. Jasna (the General Manager) and Tomo (the F&B Manager) for everything that you are doing for me.

Note from us: We are happy to have a reliable and kind person like Ivana to work with. She understands her job, is professional and she cares about the needs and wishes of the brides (and grooms of course) as much as we do.
It is good to know that we have an accomplice at the Hotel who will help out and tries to rectify issues before they become problems… without anyone noticing.

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