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Dubrovnik Wedding Venues: Hotel Excelsior menus and real weddings

Dubrovnik Wedding Venues: Hotel Excelsior menus and real weddings

A popular wedding location in Dubrovnik is the Palm Terrace, which is part of the Hotel Excelsior. We are often asked for images and prices. below is a shortlist of some articles we have written about this specific wedding venue, and we also added the wedding menus which have been approved for the 2016 wedding season.

Please note that Dubrovnik Weddings does not increase any menu prices. These will be the very same menus and prices that the hotel will provide you directly. The menu prices start at 82 euro per person. You can mix and match between the menus but pricing will likely not go below 82 euro per head. If you are interested in having your wedding reception here, you should know that there will be no additional venue rental charge.




Four Course Wedding Menus from the Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik

As one

Traditional Dalmatian smoked ham, sheep’s milk cheese from the island of Pag and Istrian goat Cheese with truffles, bitter orange marmalade and pickled vegetables

Green meat lasagne with black olive paste, balsamic vinegar and basil cream

Prune mousse stuffed chicken breast in herb crust with ragù of homemade spätzle

Cherry crème brûlée

Price: 82,00 € per person

Sweet unrest

Octopus salad in Parmesan basket with capers and olive oil

Prawn risotto with saffron, thinly sliced Pag cheese and basil pesto

Grilled marinated Sea Bass fillet served with ‘’melanzana lasagna’’

Dubrovnik flan with flower petals

Price: 86,00 € per person



Feta cheese with roasted aubergines and Mediterranean tapenade

Scallops with rice noodles, sun-dried tomato and tangerine paste

Pork fillet stuffed with peanuts, artichokes and figs with broad bean pure and elderberry sauce

Chocolate and yogurt parfait with truffle cookies

Price: 86,00 € per person


Smoked swordfish Carpaccio with capers, roasted pepper dressing and arugula

Ricotta cheese panzerotti with pumpkin sauce

Sea bream fillet with zucchini, white bean salsa, Mediterranean tapenade and prosciutto crisps

Pineapple and pistachio with forest fruits ice cream and Malvasia & vanilla sauce

Price: 94,00 € per person


Starry sky

Beef Carpaccio served with arugula, julienne peppers and caper and anchovy dressing

Chicken and mushroom cannelloni with tomato sauce

Stuffed veal steak with homemade sun-dried tomatoes, young cheese served with aromatic roasted vegetables

Dubrovnik flan with flower petals

Price: 94,00 € per person


Mini mozzarella and cherry tomato salad

Fennel risotto with Gorgonzola, walnut oil and grapefruit

Poached monkfish medallions with sautéed red cabbage and Saffron & Coconut Beurre Blanc

‘Full mediteraneo’ cake with white chocolate, rosemary, olive oil and dried figs

Price: 94,00 € per person


It is all because of the sea

Mini octopus, peas and forest fruits salad

‘’Involtini’’ Sole fillets stuffed with spinach and herbs with tomato and basil salsa

Grilled John Dory fillet with truffle puree and young green beans

‘Choco libido’ with cold-pressed walnut oil and strawberry sauce

Price: 98,00 € per person

Butterfly game

Smoked duck breasts marinated with five spices and served with salad bouquet and apricot chutney

‘’Saltimbocca’’ shrimps with pine nut sauce on a bed of creamy polenta

Beef fillet with spaghetti squash au gratin, young baked potatoes and ‘’Bourguignonne’’ sauce

White and dark chocolate mousse

Price: 98,00 € per person


Only you

Smoked marinated salmon and young cheese rolls with pea cream and mixed sprouts

Stuffed squids served with pepper cream and ‘’Romesco’’ tapenade

Roasted lamb chop with sun-dried tomatoes, peaches, potatoes au gratin and thyme sauce

Pag curd and fig cake with blueberry sauce

Price: 102,00 € per person

…to eternity…

Crab meat tartar with avocado and smoked salt

Red heart-shaped tortellini stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and with basil cream

Beef fillet with grilled polenta, batonnet vegetables, mixed spices and porcini sauce

Zuppa Romana cake with reduced strawberry and balsamic vinegar

Price: 102,00 € per person


Five Course Wedding Menus from the Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik

First kiss

Selection of Croatian cold cuts (prosciutto, bacon, smoked pork neck, beef prosciutto and sausage) with pickled vegetables and olives

Broccoli soup with prawns and porcini mushrooms

Chicken cannelloni served with tomato sauce and basil oil

Sun-dried tomato and bacon stuffed pork fillet with baked apricots and zucchini muffin

Crème brûlée with sour cherries

Price: 92,00 € per person


I love you

Smoked swordfish Carpaccio with mixed salads and anchovy dressing

Creamy crab soup with truffle ravioli

Saffron risotto with prawns with thinly sliced Pag cheese and basil pesto

Monkfish medallions wrapped in prosciutto with mashed peas and ” Aurora” sauce

White and dark chocolate mousse

Price: 96,00 € per person



No one like you and me

Keta salmon tartare with fennel salad and reduction of honey and balsamic vinegar

Creamy cauliflower soup with crispy bacon, flavoured croutons and truffle oil

Homemade fiocchi stuffed with pears and cheese infused with garlic, basil

Oven-baked sea bream fillet with ‘’caponata’’ vegetables

Ston macaroni cake

Price: 102,00 € per person

Happy Wedding Planning everybody!

The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

4 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Wedding Venues: Hotel Excelsior menus and real weddings

  1. My fiancé & I really love the look of Palm Terrace. We were hoping to go for a buffet style menu, can the Hotel offer this?


  2. Hello,

    we love the look of this venue, but we feel the menus are quite expensive. Is there any similar venue around that would offer menus in the 65-70 euro per person range? We think to invite 80 guests to our wedding, so any saving we can make on the reception would be helpful.

    Please let us know if you can help us in this matter.



    • Hello Jennifer,

      These menus are definitely on the higher end compared to other wedding venues in Dubrovnik. The reason being is the views: you pay for that too, in some way.

      Even if you were to say that you only want 3 courses, to reduce the costs, this venue will not go below 82 euro per person here.
      Children menus, vegetarian and other food allergy related menus are prices separately, of course, but the main menus start at 82 euro per person.

      At other venues in Dubrovnik, we see wedding menus start at 60 or 65 euro per person. It all depends what you are looking for in a venue.

      I will forward you by email some other venues, have a look at those. Clearly the views will not be the same but there might still be a venue you like among them.

      Kind regards,


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