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Free wedding dates for July 2017 at the Hotel Excelsior

Free wedding dates for July 2017 at the Hotel Excelsior

We are happy to announce that there are 3 free wedding dates for July 2017 at the Hotel Excelsior. These dates have opened up recently, and are available as of today.

For those interested, do contact us the soonest.






The free dates are

  • Monday July the 3rd
  • Wednesday July the 12th
  • Thursday July the 20th

The Dubrovnik Weddings Team


4 thoughts on “Free wedding dates for July 2017 at the Hotel Excelsior

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering what dates you have available for September 2017? Could you please provide details of all venues which have availability for Sept 2017. We are expecting 50 people (possibly more) to attend. A rough price guide would also be appreciated if this is something you could supply?

    We will likely be staying in Dubrovnik but would be willing to organise transport to the venue if required.

    I look forward to hearing from you so that we can begin organising.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello,

    I am planning my Croatian wedding for either July or August of 2017. I see that some dates became available but, i was curious to know if there is anything available on the weekend in July or August? I currently like in USA and would love to work with someone that would be my right hand during this stressful time. 🙂 Tell me what my next step would need to be.

    Please let me know.

    Best Regards!!

    My name is Samra and my fiances name is Scott.

    • Hello Samra and Scott,

      At this moment the bookings for 2017 are closed. The only free dates that are left are the ones which are either pre-paid by a wedding agency, or the ones that are cancellation dates.

      I am checking on a weekly basis myself, there have been no more weekend dates for over 3 months now. If any weekend date would open up, then it is the result of a cancellation.

      We had a cancellation last week but were able to fill the date within 2 days, there wasn’t even time for me to blog about the newly released date.

      I don’t want to build your hopes up, so let me advise you not to build your wedding plans on somebody releasing a weekend date for 2017….

      Kind regards,


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