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Travelling from Dubai to Dubrovnik to get married to my London-based groom.

Travelling from Dubai to Dubrovnik to get married to my London-based groom.

Reference from Hodo for Dubrovnik Weddings.


I really do not know how to thank you enough, our wedding was so beautiful, better than we had thought. Since I’m living in Dubai and Julian is living in London, we’ve been looking for the best place to get married. When I found your site, I knew there would be a venue we loved.

The fact that the owner of Dubrovnikweddings, Nina also lives in the UAE has made me very confident, I could call or skype her whenever needed, which was a great comfort. I found her to be very knowledgeable and quickly felt I could trust her enough to plan our wedding. She has developed this method where all our information is in the cloud, I am a stewardess so I travel a lot. I loved my planning system, because I could access my wedding planning from anywhere around the world. Once in Dubrovnik, I was taken care of by local assistants of Nina, who all had the same files, so this was really easy.

I will split up this reference in different bits, so you can send my feedback to the right people.

First: the wedding ceremony at the Grand Villa Argentina


We loved the Garden of the Grand Villa Argentina. It really was the perfect ceremony location for us. We were both really happy with this and can recommend it to anyone. I was waiting in the lounge bar of the Villa Orsula with my best friend. It was so hot, and I did not want to ruin my make up, so we took some images inside and just had some laughs together. Once everybody was seated, they came to call us… and that’s when I said yes to the man I love!





















The Lounge Bar Victoria: be careful what you spend!


After our ceremony we had drinks at the Lounge bar of the Victoria. SOOO beautiful! The garden is lovely, the images we have from our family and friends there are all with wither the sea or the gardens or the old town in the background.

We had planned to go to the old town for our photoshoot, but it was so warm and we loved the gardens so much, we felt there was no need to go to the town… in retrospect, i think that was the best decision.

The only warning I have for other couples is be careful what you spend here. We had ordered cocktails, but we found that the waiters so quickly cleared out the glasses, even though they were not completely empty. I just turned away for some pictures and twice my glass was gone. I heard that several guests were saying the same. The bill we paid there was twice as high as we expected. So be careful. If I could do it again, I would probably plan to pay for a limited amount of cocktails per person, maybe 2, and then let the guests pay for the rest of the drinks there.


Note: we will show the remainder of this reference in a separate post discussing the wedding reception.

4 thoughts on “Travelling from Dubai to Dubrovnik to get married to my London-based groom.

  1. Charlotte Cox

    Hi Nina,

    I am so excited to have seen this blog. My fiance and I live in Abu Dhabi and are looking to get married in Croatia in July 2017. I would love to meet or speak with you to discuss our options. Some of the stories from this blog match our preferences exactly which is getting me even more excited. I have no idea about how to organise a wedding or costs etc, so any knowledge or help you could share would be greatly appreciated

    • Hello Charlotte,

      it is nice to actually hear the excitement in your words.
      I can make things even simpler for you: let’s meet! I am currently also in Abu Dhabi for a few weeks, so if you are able to come to the island (near Electra) then I would suggest to grab a coffee and I can help you get started!

      Just drop us a mail when you would be interested.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi,

    we like the look of this venue very much, is it possible that you send us availability and pricing for a ceremony here for 60 guests in September 2016?



    • Hello Carlos,

      unfortunately, we cannot help you any more. This venue has closed all bookings for 2016. They are fully booked by now. I will send you some other options via email though, have a look at those.

      Kind regards,


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