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Grand Villa Argentina, one of Dubrovnik’s luxurious five star hotels, hosted a grand vintage wedding.

Grand Villa Argentina, one of Dubrovnik’s luxurious five star hotels, hosted a grand vintage wedding.

Amy and Tim, now Mr. and Mrs. Radwanski. This is a picture perfect example of how a romantic outdoors ceremony can look like. The ceremony setting was the seaview terrace at the Hotel Grand Villa Argentina, the views stretched from Lokrum island all over the old town of Dubrovnik. In between the vines were dozens of pending orchids, a surprise element for the wedding couple.
a wedding at the grand villa argentina dubrovnik

Families are naturally close, but the closeness we experienced at Amy and Tim’s wedding in Dubrovnik was rather exceptional, and certainly moving. The emotional union of the Radwanski and the Clarckson family was already established, the wedding only formalized it more.

Seeing that our decorator had received carte blanche from the bride and groom, she could basically do whatever she liked, but it is always nice to get approval or at least confirmation from a member of the family.
Amy’s mother, Mrs. Clarckson, was our best pick.

As soon as everybody’s hair and make up was done, we asked Mrs. Clarckson to come outside with us. As she approached the ceremony set up, tears started to flow. Words were not needed…

The wedding theme Dragica – our wedding decorator – had chosen was vintage in shades of cream, white and sage green. The ceremony was decorated with hanging orchids in green and white, and flower stands in greens and whites but the rest was purposely left white.


Following the ceremony a champagne drinks reception was planned at the outdoors lounge bar, the scenery and the natural decor made for relaxing surroundings that guests appreciated very much.
We used the time to have some pictures taken at the green gardens.

Wedding photography by Mr. Z, our favorite photographer in Dubrovnik!

As sunset was coming closer, guests were ushered to a larger seaside terrace, adorned with pine trees and lovely views over the numerous yachts showing off in the harbor.
The vintage theme was well present in the reception decor, with a lace decorated table plan, cocktail tables with vintage cake stands with flowers, hearts and lanterns and of course, the chandelier above the bridal table.

There was no central table arangement this time, but three vintage vases around a 5-branched candleholders, sage green table linen ane sage green chair sashes.

Dubrovnik Pirates stopped by for a surprise visit, kidnapping the bride and getting guests to pay ransom for her to be returned to the groom. An improvised role play took place which was well received by the family members. The Dubrovnik Pirates are well known in the local area, as they get every year fist price in local contests which imitate Dubrovnik’s rich history and focus on how the city was under constant thread of piracy.

As it got dark, the venue really came alive with the numerous light accents. A profiterole wedding cake, decorated with white orchids, made for a perfect finish of another  perfect wedding day in Dubrovnik.

PS: our apologies to the photographer for cropping most of his beautiful pictures. For those who wish to see the un-cropped version, you can find them in the photo galleries.
Your Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

8 thoughts on “Grand Villa Argentina, one of Dubrovnik’s luxurious five star hotels, hosted a grand vintage wedding.

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could provide me with some information for weddings at this venue for 2018 or 2019. It would be a small wedding of between 10-20 people.
    Is the wedding ceremony here held at the Villa Orsula ?



    • Hello Michelle,

      at this moment the bookings for a ceremony at the Argentina in 2018 are closed. You can still plan for a ceremony elsewhere and have a small dinner at the restaurant below the Villa Orsula in 2018, but other options are no longer available.

      Bookings for 2019 there have not yet been opened, so if your heart is set on this venue you need to be a little patient i am afraid!

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi

    Please can you send me a price for a wedding at this venue and with a Catholic Church cermony. We are looking at getting married in 2018.


    • Dear Gemma,

      thank you for your request. We have sent you a sample budget for this venue and a lot more background information to your email. We are always willing to discuss and customize your wedding budget via a Skype call.

      Kind regards,

      Dubrovnik Weddings

  3. Hello,

    Kako si?

    My name is Manuela, I’m originally from Croatia however I live in Australia. Myself and my fiancé are interested in having our wedding located at the Grand Villa. It is very beautiful and we are wondering about the price? the guest number would be around 25 people. Thank you

    • Dear Manuela,

      thank you for your message. We have emailed you the prices of all menus at the GRAND VILLA ARGENTINA. In the same document, you will find all conditions this venue has when it comes to weddings. We are here to assist so just let us know any question you might have.

      Kind regards,

      Dubrovnik Weddings.

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