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Handmade Fabric bridal bouquets: a new trend?

Handmade Fabric bridal bouquets: a new trend?

Sometimes, we can see a trend starting when brides from different corners of the world ask us for the same thing. In the last months, we have had several destination brides planning to get married in Croatia asking for a keepsake wedding bouquet. We are no longer speaking of the silk bouquets made in China, no, these are handmade bouquets with brooches, Swarovski, whereby each and every petal is seared by hand.




A fabric keepsake wedding bouquet: why would you want it?

well, because you can keep it. Literally. This is the first and foremost reason. Plus. This type of wedding bouquet looks much more elegant and refined because you can incorporate delicate fabrics such as laces, organza, tulle.


The main ingredient for this bouquet remains silk. But with the option now to incorporate other fabrics, you can send us the leftover fabric from your wedding dress and it can be incorporated. Last week we had a request from a bride who wanted to incorporate her late mother’s dress in her wedding. but her sister had reshaped the original model so much it now was a short wedding dress, and she really wanted a traditional A line wedding dress.

We asked her if her sister still had the leftovers of when they made these dress adjustments, and yes, she had!

So next we know the leftovers are being shipped to us now and we will be able to use those in her own keepsake wedding bouquet! Our bride is not using her late mother’s wedding dress as she had first thought, but she is incorporating the dress in a new, original way for everybody to be seen!






Rustic and Vintage Wedding Bouquet


There are some weddings which match better to this than others. Rustic weddings, vintage weddings… glamorous weddings… those are the types of decorations which can match very well with these bouquets. the subdues soft tones that are often chosen for the vintage look are not easy to find in nature, but can so much easier be achieved creating this handmade wedding bouquet.


This is how the process starts….



And here is the end result


We hope you like the look as much as we do.

We will be showing you some more examples as soon as they are ready.


happy planning everybody!

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