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Hannah and Craig’s panoramic wedding in Dubrovnik

Hannah and Craig’s panoramic wedding in Dubrovnik


Do you dream of a sunset wedding ceremony?
Or maybe a ceremony overlooking the sea?
Or better still… a wedding on a hillside, off road, near to old ruins adding character to the site? The best ever ceremony views can be found here… on this hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik, the island of Lokrum and if the weather gods are on your side… a magnificent sunset.

One of the most panoramic wedding sites in Dubrovnik.
Hannah and Craig had all of the above earlier this week, and they chose their wedding location in Dubrovnik without ever seeing it in real life.
Even after their arrival in Dubrovnik, they decided to not go and see it before the big day.
Without further due, let’s hear what our adventurous bride and groom have to say about their wedding day…

We came to Croatia for our first holiday together, touring the coast and loved it so when we later got engaged Dubrovnik seemed perfect.  We always wanted a small intimate wedding and wouldn’t have been able to do this in the UK so we decided to just go away with our immediate family, and sent some champagne to our closest friends that we left behind.


We contacted Dubrovnik Weddings with a specification of a small wedding with a view and they suggested Parc Orsula and sent photos which we thought looked beautiful …

but nothing could prepare us for how breathtaking it was on the day.
On the day I was so nervous getting ready but Nina was brilliant and putting me at ease and the hair and makeup ladies worked wonders on me!
Craig on the other hand spent time having a little nap and chilled out completely.
I felt much more at ease when arriving with Craig waiting for me.
The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and afterwards we got to enjoy the beautiful sunset and have fun with family.
We then dropped off our guests and went around old town, one thing I loved is that the photographers didn’t have a set route so we have no photos that are similar to anyone elses on Dubrovnik Wedding’s website.  It was surreal having our photos taken by tourists but we were greeted with warm smiles and congratulations and also gave us time alone to take in being husband and wife.
Our wedding planner made us promise to finish a bottle of bubbly as we walked around the old town.
Of course, we didn’t fail to meet this promise!
Our family were amazed by the location and all had so much fun.  We went for dinner at Restaurant Nautika and we all agreed it was the best food we had ever had and the service was amazing.  On top of that the view from our table was stunning.
Thank you Nina and team for giving us the best start to our life together.  We are starting our married life in Japan so it was lovely to give our family a wonderful day before our next adventure starts.
Hannah & Craig

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