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Hi, I am planning a very small wedding of 4, do you accommodate such requests?

Hi, I am planning a very small wedding of 4, do you accommodate such requests?

Today’s post is about a question we get all the time.

An email was sent to us by Robin B. asking:

Hi, we are planning a vacation for 2016 July – August. We are considering a wedding. However, we would like it small only 4 and very maybe 8 persons. In case of 4 persons it would be just me my wife and our two children.

Do you accommodate such wedding requests? 

To answer your question Robyn: yes, we do!


We plan many small weddings in fact, size does not matter to use, we love the smaller weddings a lot!

For this reason, we have developed an elopement package: there is one package especially for symbolic weddings (this is the romance package), there is one for religious weddings and one for civil weddings.




You can find more information on everything that is included in these packages here.

Small weddings can be just as special and planned into detail as their larger “brothers and sisters”. We will create a wedding day time able for you, a budget, a checklist with the names of all vendors working with you on your day and make all the required bookings for you. So in that aspect, nothing is different from any other wedding planned here.

Our photographer will make sure you go home with some fabulous images too, to see an example of another small wedding photo shoot of only two (bride and groom) you can have a look here to see how your images can look like and here if you fancy panoramic views and here if you are looking for a seaview setting and one more example of a church wedding here.

Just let us know what type of wedding ceremony you are looking for, that is the start of everything.


Here is an example of a wedding day time table for a small wedding

13.00h Hair and Make Up bride (and others?)
15.30h Start photographer: he will meet the bride at her room or villa and take some pictures there, after which he will accompany her to the ceremony venue
16.00h Start of ceremony
16.15h The end of the ceremony (approximate time, depends on which type of ceremony you pick)
16.15h Recessional walk bride and groom, music is playing
16.30h Time for kisses and congratulations
17.00h Time to have seaside drinks in the old town & a photoshoot
18.00h End of photo shooting with the wedding couple. (If you would be open for it, we prefer to plan 1.5 hours for the photos hoot)
18.15h We start slowly walking to the restaurant you have chosen or you may wish to go freshen up first
19.00h Start of dinner service


How to start planning your small wedding in Dubrovnik


  • step 1: decide on the type of ceremony
  • step 2: let us know if you want a specific date or if you are flexible
  • step 3: establish a time table: have a look at the time table and let us know if you wish to make any changes
  • step 4: pick a ceremony location from the options we send you
  • step 5: review the budget we have emailed you
  • step 6: only if the budget, time table and locations we have mapped out for you feel right, you can go ahead and book a date.


Happy Wedding Planning!

The Dubrovnik-Weddings team

10 thoughts on “Hi, I am planning a very small wedding of 4, do you accommodate such requests?

    • Hello,

      thank you for your message.
      We have emailed you various options for the really small weddings, do not hesitate to let us know which one you like best and we can take it from there!

      Kind regards,

  1. Hi

    I am looking at a small wedding 7 including us for next year.
    Please can you email me some details and prices

  2. Hello
    I am looking to have a vow renewal ceremony with my husband this summer in July. I love the small park venue you show on your pictures, it is my dream! We have three young daughters we would like included in the ceremony, they will be age 3, 5, and 9. Park Orsula looks like a perfect venue for us, but are open to suggestions. We are flexible on dates, but mid-July would probably work best. Could you give me an idea of price for a vow renewal ceremony at this venue?

    • Good afternoon Sarah,

      of course we would love to assist you with your vow renewal in Dubrovnik. We have emailed you our vow renewal packages to your gmail account. Please have a look!

      Kind regards,


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