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Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik – wedding reception set up

Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik – wedding reception set up

We often get questions about the so popular Palm Terrace in Dubrovnik. It is one of those spots that really entice people and makes you want to spend a night dining and wining enjoying the views.

Even though many images have been published of this wedding venue, we still get many inquiries about how the wedding reception can be set up.  So today, let us show you 3 possible wedding reception lay-outs at the Palm terrace, starting with a small wedding (up to 30 guests), followed by a medium sized event (30 to 60 guests) and then as last of course the larger sized set up.


Smaller weddings at the Hotel Excelsior

Hereby some examples of a small elegant June wedding where the couple preferred an imperial table set up with high candelabra’s. The imperial table set up takes up quite some space, which is perfect for the smaller guest numbers because you will not feel “lost” in the large terrace.


Small wedding set up, Palm Terrace, Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik


Carol and Thomas, Dubrovnik bride and groom

Carol and Thomas, Dubrovnik wedding


Decor detail, palm terrace Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik detail

Flower decor, Dubrovnik weddings

imperial table, dubrovnik palm terrace

napkin decor, dubrovnik weddings

Married in Dubrovnik


Medium weddings: space out your tables

With a choice of small and large round banquet tables, you can really personalize the lay out you want for your wedding day. There are two areas which can be used as a dance floor, or as a buffet area, so ultimately the placement of the tables is going to be your decision.





Large weddings: enough room for up to 120 guests

We even planned a wedding here for 143 guests, but ideally you’d like to stay below 120 to have a bit more room left for dancing.






So, even though there is a large difference in guest number between 30 and 120… with the right set up it will still look perfect!

The Dubrovnik Weddings – team.


51 thoughts on “Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik – wedding reception set up

  1. Hi,
    I am looking if there is a availability for Sept 2018? It would be for 40-50ppl. I would appreciate if you could send me on some package offers too.
    Thanks and regards,

  2. Hi there,

    Please could you send me some information/pricing on a Sept/October wedding for 2019 at this venue for approx 40-50 people max? Thanks

    • Hello Roisin,

      I am afraid we have been informed that the Hotel Excelsior will be closing it’s bookings. They will not accept any more weddings at the Palm Terrace.
      This is a very unfortunate decision of the hotel, undoubtedly founded by hotel guests’ complaints, and as far as we can understand a decision which is not likely to be changed any time soon.

      If there is any other venue you are interested in, please do let us know!

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi,

    Can you please provide further information & approximate cost with regards to the following at the Palm Terrace:

    – Approx 30 people
    – Cermony only
    – Ceremony & Reception
    – Any summer dates remaining in 2018

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Alana,

      By now, all bookings for 2018 at the Hotel Excelsior and Hotel Argentina are closed

      The only options we have left for 2018 are
      Saturday 30.06.2018 – Excelsior Palm Terrace
      Thursday 27.07.2018 – Argentina
      Saturday 22.09.2018 – Excelsior Palm Terrace

      I have sent you an email with all information!

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Nina

        would love to take the slot for 22 sept 2018 for palm terrace

        can i have your email to contact you regarding this?

        • Hello Jovita,

          by now the date has been reserved, we are waiting for the deposit to confirm the reservation.
          I will send you an email with the other potential dates we have… there is not much left but maybe we have something for you

          Kind regards,


  4. Hi there could you please send me some information on weddings please. Enquiring for Sept 2019 for approx 60guests for an outdoor reception please.



  5. Hi,
    What availability Do you have for an outdoor wedding reception and getting married in church in old town September 2018 for approx 120 guests including children ? Is there entertainment available for children?

    Kind regards

  6. Hi, just wondering if there is any availability left for Sept 2017 for approx 60-70 guests at the wedding venue above and the ceremony elsewhere?
    Would appreciate as much information as possible and an approximate cost. Thanks for all your help. Kind Regards Emma

  7. Hello,

    Would it be possible to send some information on availability and prices for a wedding in June 2018 with 40-50 guests?

    We are hoping to have the ceremony at Sponza Palace and the reception at the Palm Terrace.


    • Dear Ritty,

      thank you for reaching out to us.

      I have emailed you all the relevant information for both venues, Sponza and the Excelsior, and a budget example as well.

      Kind regards,

      Nina Bos

  8. Hi, could you send me some information for a wedding reception at the Excelsior hotel and a catholic wedding in a church in the old town. 30-50 quests for July 2018

  9. Hi please can you send me over some information for a wedding for May 2018, for around 30 guests please? It would be for the reception only not ceremony, thank you.

    • Dear Hannah,

      I have sent you all the information related to this venue, including a sample budget based on 30 guests.
      Please let us know which questions are on your mind, we will try to assist you.

      Kind regards,

      • Good evening

        I wonder do if you could please send me a rough quote for a wedding on Palm terrace to include a blessing, food and party on 5 May 2018 for approx 50 people.

        Look forward to hearing from you


      • Dear Nina,

        Could I please request the same email as the one sent to Hannah. The sample budget for 30 guests as well as info on the venue for July 2017.

        Kind Regards,

  10. Hi I’m wanting an outdoor wedding at this venue and just wanting a bit more information on prices/packages etc.
    There should be approximately 60 -90 guests. How much do you charge for children.
    Can we get married outdoors at this venue?
    How much is food and what type of menus do you have could you have outside caterers?
    & we’re looking for availability preferably August/first week in September 2017

    • Good morning Natasha,

      I have well received your request to have an idea of a wedding, outdoors, for 60 – 90 guests. I have sent you a budget based on this venue.
      They do have a minimum charge, but this is only charged if you have less than 30 dining guests.
      I can see why you like the hotel Excelsior, it is a very popular venue! So let us start with this venue first.

      The only available dates left for 2017 are:
      03 July / 12 July and 20 July
      The rest of the year is booked up, only if somebody else would cancel a date reservation you would have a chance of getting an August or September date now.

      Please have a look at your email, you will find more information there!

      Kind regards,


  11. Hi could you please tell me what dates you have available for weddings of around 70-80 people July/August/September 2017 please?

    Kind regards,


  12. Hello,

    Can you please send information about your wedding packages and prices for a June 2017 wedding with approximately 20-30 guests?



    • Dear Amal,

      I am sorry but we cannot help you any more.
      The venue has closed all bookings for June 2017.
      Very few dates for 2017 in general are left now.

      Kind regards,

      The Dubrovnik-Weddings team

  13. Hi,

    Could you please send information on availability and prices for a summer 2018 wedding with approximately 50 guests?

    Many thanks,


    • Hello Luke,

      for 2018, it is still fairly easy to find dates. It is better for you to select a few dates that are convenient for you and then we check availability on those.
      So far, all our booking requests for the palm terrace for 2018 were available, so date wise you are not facing the same issues now as the 2017 couples are facing.

      We will send you the menus and prices over via email.
      When you book a 2018 wedding date now you will receive a wedding menu list from the year 2017 because currently, those are the menus that are still valid. So if you pick a menu from that list before the 2018 menus are released, you will have 2017 prices as well.

      More information to follow in an email to you….

      Kind regards,

      The Dubrovnik-Weddings Team

  14. Hi there
    wouod you recommend getting married at the hotel as well or just having the reception there? Is there a different location for a ceremony?

    Would you be able to email me over some prices for a civil ceremony in June/July 2017 for 40/50 guests please 🙂

    Thank you.

    Thank you.
    Chloe 🙂

    • Hello Chloe,

      About 50% of our bookings have the ceremony at the same venue, it is not always the case no.
      Since this venue is close to the old town it can be combined with other venues for the ceremony too.

      I just wanted to get back to you right away regarding availability.
      At this moment, bookings for may, June and August 2017 have been closed.

      The available dates that remain are
      JULY – 02./03./11./12./17./19.
      SEPTEMBER 04./11./18./19./20./21.

      Of course, this can change on a daily basis, because couples do take pre-reservations on a date but not always end up paying the deposit to secure the date, this is why the dates can fluctuate quite quickly.

      We will send you more information via email as well.

      Kind regards,

      the Dubrovnik-Weddings Team

  15. Hi, I am looking to cost a wedding and reception in August 2017 for 30-40 guests. Can I have a price for rooms also.

    Thank you,

    • Dear Robyn,

      we have sent you an email with a full wedding day budget based on two different types of ceremonies, one symbolic and one civil, so you can compare the costs between both.
      If you have any questions, do reply to our email, we will try to assist you!

      Kind regards,

      The Dubrovnik-Weddings team

  16. Hi ya,

    I am looking for some information regarding palm terrace Coe approximately 40 people. The wedding would be on a Friday or Saturday in May 2018. Can you please send me over some information and prices.

    Many thanks,

  17. Hi
    Can you send details of a religious ceremony package for August September 2017 for around 80-100 people please? Also sample menus etc
    Thanking you in advance

    • Dear Tanya,

      thank you for reaching out to us.
      we will email you all information needed to plan a religious wedding ceremony in Dubrovnik, and we will also include a wedding budget draft.
      Clearly, at this stage, the budget we will send you is just an estimation, we can discuss every individual budget line and make sure they are catered to your needs.

      As for the wedding menus, they are listed here on our webpage. Wedding menus at the Palm terrace start now as of 90 euro per person, the venue does not include drinks in this menu price.

      Please check your email for more information.

      Best regards,

      Dubrovnik Weddings

  18. Hi,

    i am looking for some information regarding a june/july wedding 2018. for roughly 70-80 people.

    could you mail me on some packages you offer please.

    thank you

  19. Sabrina Mulligan

    Hi, looking to hold a wedding blessing with meal afterwards for 25/30 people. Hair and make up for myself, small bouquet, very simple, sept 2017, anything you can do ?? Kind regards Sabrina

    • Hello Sabrina,

      certainly we can help.

      We have sent you an email with back ground information, options and a sample budget for you to review.

      We hope this helps.

      Kindest regards from the Dubrovnik-Weddings team

  20. Hi
    What availability do you have for a large wedding party between 60/80 guests with children for summer 2017
    Between July 30th – Aug 30th
    How much
    How many rooms does your hotel have
    And are there local hotels close by if guests want to stay elsewhere
    Kindest regards

    • Hello Alexandra,

      the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik has 158 rooms and suites. Since you are planning to travel and stay in Dubrovnik mainly in August, it is smart to book early, because August is the high season here.

      If there would not be sufficient rooms available you can find other hotels nearby on our webpage here:

      Apart from the Radisson Blu resort, all these hotels are fairly close.
      Please send an email to weddingplanner @ dubrovnikweddings.com for information on pricing and packages.
      Be sure to mention if you want an outdoors ceremony or a religious ceremony.

      Kind regards,

      The Dubrovnik-Weddings team!

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