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Hotel Lapad Dubrovnik : the back up in case of rain

Hotel Lapad Dubrovnik : the back up in case of rain

We are often asked what happens in case of bad weather on a wedding day. Nobody really wants to talk about it, but it is not a topic that should be avoided. You should know that we as wedding planners must have a back up option, for both ceremony and reception. If this is not the case, we would be very reluctant to even book a wedding, or at least make it very clear to our bride and groom that we are all subject to this risk.


Today we want to show you what happens if you have booked a wedding at the Mediterranean garden and you have a rainy forecast.


Let us start by showing you the bank canvas of the area.

The hall is located in a century old building which is not connected to the main hotel building. Its complete first floor is for your exclusive use. There are two arched balconies that give out onto the marina, cocktail tables will be placed there for guests to mingle.

The hall is best booked at the same time as your garden booking, if you decide to use it. The fees should always be paid directly to the hotel upon checkout. The following images show you the building and its interior. If your wedding day cannot take place outdoors, then your setup will be re-created inside this hall. As you can see, there is a seperate entrance to access this building, right at the front end of the Marina. That is not a bad thing at all we think! 




Hotel Lapad Dubrovnik: the indoors hall Venezia

This is the area set up for conferences. Note the wooden flooring, nice luxurious curtains, Italian design lightning and finishing of the wall. The basic elements are not giving you a conference feel at all, the set up you see here might throw you off, which is understandable, but try to just inspect the bare canvas here.




If you are unlucky, we will recreate the decor you had booked indoors, here are a few examples:




In the next image you will see one side of the hall set up for a reception. There are 9 tables for this set up. in the longer end, outside of this image, are 4 more. Because the this hall has a maximum capacity of 80 seated guests, the outdoors garden is also limited to 80 seated guests even though the garden can take a lot more than that.

So if you have a wedding which is larger than 80 guests and you really want to reserve the Mediterranean Garden, then you must be flexible to have a standing buffet indoors in case of bad weather.

if you have a wedding in a size similar to the one you see in the image below (70 guests) & you would dine indoors, then the staff will remove some tables after dinner to make room for dancing. This happens quite swiftly and is nothing to worry about.




The area will be set up with a beverage table which will double up as a bar, and there is room for a DJ or a small band ( 3 members).


Your wedding will be supervised by Kiko, the Food and beverage Manager, see how he keeps a watchful eye on the service.


This image is taken on one of the balconies, view over the marina.




If your wedding reception is taking place outdoors, then you need to motivate guests a little to continue the party elsewhere (although, that is not necessarily true for all wedding guests 🙂 🙂 )

One reason to help people come along quickly is to announce that the wedding cake will be cut in the party hall and shabang… you’ll see that EVERYBODY follows the bride and groom when they lead the way.



The indoors hall “venezia” can be rented at a flat fee of 250 euro.


What do you get for this price?

  • exclusive use of the indoors hall
  • bartenders to wait on your guests
  • the option to continue the party until 3am
  • cocktail tables and chair covered chairs

The indoors is suited for weddings up to 80 guests.


Happy Wedding Planning!


The Dubrovnik Weddings team

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