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Island wedding ceremonies: Lokrum island ceremony tips

Island wedding ceremonies: Lokrum island ceremony tips


Ten tips to consider when getting married on the island of Lokrum

Getting married on an island can certainly appeal to many of you. we all understand why, the island wedding ceremony option is different from anything else we offer. You will not get the glamorous look some other venues provide, but couples who love this option mostly don’t want that but are looking for the nature connection. This article is meant for those who are planning their destination wedding in Croatia and who are interested in an island wedding ceremony. A few tips and tricks from Dubrovnik Weddings… here we go!




Tip 1: the easiest ports to leave from


There are 3 convenient ports from which you can leave to go to the island of Lokrum. Those are the ports of Dubrovnik old town, the port of Mlini and the port of Cavtat.


The port of Cavtat, above, is just a small strip of Riva dotted with smaller and sometimes bigger yachts. It’s Riva is framed by houses on the hill and a small church. The port of Cavtat and Mlini are not nearly as busy as Dubrovnik, so if you want to avoid the hectic rush of the city you definitely want to consider picking Mlini or Cavtat as your point of departure. The trip to the island of Lokrum from Mlini is about 20 minutes, and from Cavtat is about 25 minutes.


Above is the port of Dubrovnik, you will only see it this quiet in the shoulder season or in the low season. The trip to the island from here is merely a 15 minute boat trip.


Here is the bride, her father and the bridesmaids making way to their boat, docked in Dubrovnik old town port.


Tip 2: the time of year defines the look of your ceremony


The two wedding ceremonies below took place during the summer, note the distinct difference in colors though. The first 2 images shows a wedding ceremony after July, the third  island wedding ceremony image took place in June. The summer temperatures can get quite warm in July. The island is a nature reserve, the grass where the ceremony takes place is not watered, but kept natural. So the result is that come the last week of July already, it tends to look as if fall is almost there and some leaves are clearly showing the fall shades of rusty brown. If these fall colors are what you are looking for then you are right in choosing the latter part of summer for your wedding day.






Tip 3: The island has some beautiful photo shoot areas, take advantage of that!


If in doubt of how a photo shoot on the island of Lokrum will turn out, don’t be fearful. There are so many angles and corners which will create a diverse shoot. The only thing you need to do this is time! You’ll need at least 1 hour to get to the various locations, but 1.5 hours is better.





Tip 4 : how to plan your time table for an island wedding


The best time to leave the island is before sunset, and if you are lucky and the sun sets on your wedding day whilst you are on the boat leaving the island you will have some fabulous images on the boat.

Remember that in June, the time of sunset in Dubrovnik is very much different than the time of sunset end of August.

For example, look at these times of sunsets here

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 01.05: 19.50h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 15.05: 20.00h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 01.06: 20.20h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 15.06: 20.30h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 01.07: 20.30h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 15.07: 20.25h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 01.08: 20.10h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 15.08: 19.50h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 01.09: 19.20h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 15.09: 19.00h

Time of sunset in Dubrovnik on 01.10: 18.30h

If you want to have the sun set whilst you are on board, you’ll have to leave before these times here. But the big question remains: will you have a boat trip with drinks served or will the boat trip merely be a means of transportation… more on that later. The point I’m making here is this, it is wise to decide WHERE you want to be at sunset: do you want to be at your dinner venue having a drink? Or on the boat or do you want to have eaten a few courses during daylight? These are all questions to consider before mapping out your wedding day time table.


Tip 5: will the boat trip be a means of transportation or a champagne boat cruise?


An important question here, because this decides on which boat you can use. Some venues have a small dock, which cannot be accessible with a larger boat. So if you want to dock at your dinner venue which happens to have a small dock, then you cannot have a champagne boat cruise but you will leave the island in a boat of this type:



It is clear that the smaller size of the boat allows you to dock at smaller docks like this. In this case, the guests will walk up several flights of stairs and then they will have arrived at their seaside terrace where dinner is served.

If you prefer to have drinks on board you need more space. A one or two deck ship is needed then



Everybody loves to see a wedding party on a boat… be sure you will be greeted by anyone passing by!


Tip 6: decide on how to get to the island


When going to the island for your wedding ceremony, you need to think about who will go when. Will the bride join her wedding party or will she travel alone with the person giving her away?




Tip 7: make the experience personal

Incorporate details which make your wedding unique. Ask your guests to prepare some readings, prepare thank you cards which can be strung in the trees for guests to discover after the wedding ceremony…




Tip 8: make sure you have a back up venue


You need to ensure you plan for a back up option. This type of wedding is quite simple to plan if everything goes according to schedule. But once come the wedding day and you are faced with a strong sea or bad weather then you need to have a solid back up plan in place. This is something which cannot be disregarded! We never book a wedding ceremony on the island before having discussed the “what if” scenario. It is very important to us we have all agreed on where to go when it cannot take place.

One thing is certain: this is why you hire a wedding planner in the very first place. they are not only there to plan your “plan A” option, but certainly also to ensure they are quickly able to swap to “plan B”.

At Dubrovnik Weddings, we decide the morning of the wedding what to do, that is as late as we can take the decision. There is no need to stress out if there is some rain the day before… nobody will call you to make a decision then! The weather can turn quickly.


Tip 9: enjoy your wedding day


There will be so many beautiful moments, and the day flies by so fast… enjoy the day! We are here to assist you with all that planning behind the scenes, you are here to enjoy!





Happy Wedding Planning!


The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

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