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Island Weddings: the very first wedding ever on Lokrum Island

Island Weddings: the very first wedding ever on Lokrum Island

Some couples are simply up for an adventure.
They do not care about what is common, expected, within the borders of conformity….
They do not depend on reviews of others.
They will go and find their own way. Cathryn and Jacques are this kind of couple.

Real Weddings: have a ceremony where nobody ever had a ceremony before!

Living in Melbourne, Australia but coming from South Africa (the groom) and the UK (the bride), they decided that Dubrovnik was the perfect place to tie the knot.

Relaxed weddings in the garden of Lokrum Island, Croatia
Back then, getting married in Dubrovnik was not something everybody did.
We had just started our company and Cathryn had just found us via a post of a bride and groom in the USA.

She sent an email… many more followed… and about a year later they had their wedding ceremony on Lokrum island… long before this was “common” or “normal”.
There was no chair rental available on the island back then, there was only one small bar and when we contacted the authorities with our request they did not know what to answer… because nobody had ever asked them to hold a ceremony there.
You should have seen the looks on the faces of the people behind the scenes: the captain, the lady selling ice cream at the harbor, the fire brigade which was on stand by as this was an “important occasion”, the old man selling tickets as you arrive on the island… they could not hide their surprise.

I remember vividly that on that specific day, the court translator asked me:


Why are they getting married there?
Don’t they know the island is cursed?

Well, we do not know about any curse. But, I can tell you that we recently spoke to Cathryn, and they are still happily married living now in Sidney, Australia.
Not only that, since then, many couples have followed the example set that day in May 2006.

Pictures of the first ever Lokrum Island Wedding in Dubrovnik

Lokrum Island Wedding
Dubrovnik: Island wedding ceremony

Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings Island wedding Dubrovnik, Croatia

 Pictures of Lokrum weddings that followed…

… and this list can go on and on.
Lokrum will always remain that wedding venue that is “different”.
Due to the fact that it is an island it will probably never become mainstream such as a church wedding or a sponza palace wedding in Dubrovnik.
Hence, it will stay the venue for those that want to steer away from anything “common”.

The Dubrovnik-Weddings Team.

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