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keisha and vincent reference

keisha and vincent reference

We always knew we wanted to travel for our wedding.

Being that Vincents parents were both born in Croatia, we thought – maybe we can do this.

I instantly fell in love with the Sponza Palace, I knew this was the perfect place for us seeing how much we both love the history and beautiful architecture…



Bride and Groom: Keisha and Vincent from Cornwall, New York

Wedding Party: 38 guests from all over the world




Wedding Photographer: CINEMALERBA

Wedding Dress: Bridal Reflections NYC- Romona Keveza

Bridal Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Groom’s Attire: Valentino


Feedback on our wedding

Dubrovnik is our dream wedding destination

Why Dubrovnik?
We always knew we wanted to travel for our wedding. Being that Vincents parents were both born in Croatia, we thought – maybe we can do this. Once I found DubrovnikWeddings.com, I knew that my dreams could be come a reality.

What were your feelings the morning of the wedding?
Very excited to marry the man of my dreams!

Did you have a wedding theme / colour theme?
Romantic vintage glam.

Was planning a wedding abroad more complicated than planning a wedding at home?
Absolutely Not, I believe it was actually much less stressful and we were able to enjoy the process because we knew Nina and her team were going to make everything perfect- which they did!

What was the feedback you received on your wedding?
All positive! Amazing! Beautiful!

Did you go over your planned budget
No – stayed right on point.

Do you think you would have spent more or less if you were to organize a wedding at home?
I know 100%, we would have spent tons more for a very generic wedding here in NY. We wanted to be in the most beautiful place in the world when we spoke our vows and Dubrovnik was the perfect place for us!


Comments about the wedding planning

We found Dubrovnik Weddings by searching the internet. We wrote to them and asked for more information and before you knew it we were signing a contract and planning our dream wedding! I was nervous about wiring money, but my travel agent in NY did some research and found only the best recommendations of Nina and her company.

Between the constant emailing and skype meetings, we really felt safe knowing that Nina and her team had everything under control. I really had no worrying, just excitement. On our wedding day, they did an excellent job. They were my support throughout the day and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. There were little kinks, but we solved them and moved on.

The video we received after the wedding was just so beautiful. Every time we watch it we are taken back to that special day. It really captured the emotion!

The pictures… what  joy! Over 700 images we got with every little detail captured.

On a final note…. do you have any tips / advise for couples that are thinking of having a destination wedding too?

I think Dubrovnik will wow everybody. You cannot go wrong when choosing this location. So the next logical step is to find someone to work with because planning a wedding from abroad is almost impossible without help. We were lucky on all accounts.


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