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    We know this can all be overwhelming... you are engaged, you are happy, but then it hits you... you have to plan a wedding!

    If a destination wedding is your goal, we would be so happy to help you out!

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Meet the Team

What we do.

Our aim is to make the planning of your wedding day as pleasurable and stress free as possible. We can manage all the elements involved, from the legal or religious aspect, to photography, flowers, transport, venue hire, music, wedding favours, etc. Over the years we have built up a strong supplier portfolio, so we can offer you, what we believe to be the most professional and experienced companies.

In addition to the wedding day we can organize pre and post wedding activities and parties, be that dinners, BBQ’s, wine tastings, cruises, cultural tours etc. ensuring that you and your guests make the most of your time in Dubrovnik.


Come and Say Hi!

Who does what.

Zeljko Curic


Since 2010 Zeljko, alias Mr. Stacy, has been shooting weddings for us, saving us from working with photographers who were always late with the final delivery of images. Now, several years later, Mr. Z has developed his own style, many of his shots can be found here, on google plus or on our blog.

Tonci Plazibat


Zeljko’s partner in crime for all things photography. The man who always keeps his cool. The silent partner so to say.
But we all know the saying about silent waters…. Tonci definitely goes with the Motion of the Ocean.

Anita Paskojevic - Dubrovnik Weddings

The founder


Leading with soft hand, good advice and a smile… this would describe the way the team is lead by Nina Bos.

“With such competent and reliable team members, it’s a pleasure to be part of a wedding planning team. I consider myself a lucky person to still be part of the wedding industry after founding this agency back in 2005”

The behind-the-scenes team


It takes a team to coordinate a successful event. There will be many, the ones which are working behind the scenes, that contribute to the overall success of your wedding day. Depending on the size of your event, or the logistical needs, we will adapt the size of this team so everything runs smoothly.