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Now… what is your REAL name my love?

Now… what is your REAL name my love?

Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne had a rocky ride planning their destination wedding in Dubrovnik.
Well, something had to go wrong at some stage because otherwise their wedding planning was too smooth to be normal.
So what happened to distress them so much?

The legal paperwork you have to submit in order to get married in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

When any foreigner wants to get married abroad, you have to submit a certified birth certificate and documents showing that you are single and that your home country will legally accept a wedding which took place in Croatia.
In a nutshell, that’s it.
The procedure is particularly simple for Irish and British citizens still living in Ireland and Britain, so Jonathon and Siobhan thought this was going to be a no brainer.
Little did they know that when Jonathon got his birth certificate, he saw his name was spelt Jonathan and not Jonathon!
His passport did not correspond with his birth certificate so legally, we were looking at potentially two persons.
And this is where the rocky ride started.
Additional papers were needed, a visit to a lawyers office and quite some stressful days because time was running out on us.
They say you should know the man you’re getting married to… at least now… Siobhan knows!

When faced with adversity the reward is even greater when you can overcome it, so in the end all is well, they are legally married and can now be called Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne.

A sponza Palace wedding ceremony

Here are a few pictures of their May wedding day, the wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik old town.
Our best wishes go out to Jonaton / Jonathan and Siobhan!


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