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Paperwork for civil weddings

Paperwork for civil weddings

Dealing with paperwork for civil or religious weddings can be honestly annoying. Strict deadlines, complicated procedures, illogical requests and the list goes on. Many of our couples have absolutely reasonable questions, but, all we can say is – Croatian law requires it. It may seem illogical to you, but we have to adhere to local rules and regulations. We add your specific procedure to your wedding files which you can access at any time online



Just remember to always check your paperwork procedure beforehand.

When you follow the deadlines and guidelines we give you, there should not be any issues.

Luckily, ladies at the registry office are our stars! Always finding that last bit of patience and providing us with valuable advice.

This is a big THANK YOU to Dubrovnik’s Matični Ured, Especially Marija and Tihana!  



All the documents which must be submitted at the local registry in Croatia must be there the latest 30 days prior to the wedding. The originals must be submitted, a copy or a scan will not be sufficient. We advise you to start contacting your local authorities well before the 90-day period starts, because some offices might have a waiting time before they will issue you the document required.


The passports of the bride, groom and both their witnesses must be valid for one more year after the wedding date. Also check once more if your name on your passport is exactly the same as the name on your birth certificate. (You’d be surprised how often we find out this is not the case)

Only original documents

All documents have to be original documents, and be aware they will not be returned to you. All documents you will provide to the state of Croatia will remain there for their records for at least 10 years. After that time you can request to have them returned to you.

Be careful with middle names

Your full name on your birth certificate must be the same as the name on your passport and all other documents. If you have a middle name on the birth certificate this must also be on the passport, if for example this is not the case you will have to get a new passport prior to the wedding.

Stick to the 90 days rule

Even if you have an original birth certificate, it will not be accepted if it was issued more than 90 days prior to the wedding date.

This 90-days rule is valid for ALL documents you have to collect in order to be civilly married in Croatia.

Dubrovnik Wedding certificate

General Rule: you need 4 documents

  • Copies of your passports: For submission, only copies will do.
  • A long birth certificate: Original is required, validated by apostille stamp.
  • A certificate of no impediment: Original is required, validated by apostille stamp.
  • A proof of single status: Original is required, validated by apostille stamp.

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