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Cool decoration ideas – YES please!!!

Cool decoration ideas – YES please!!!

Quite often, couples have specific decor requests, which is always a certain challenge as one of the downsizes of Dubrovnik is limited offer.

However, if you do find something you like and want to have it at your wedding, please let us know in time and we will make sure everything is organized and set up for you 🙂 Hannah had sent us images featuring parasols…. and to our luck, the Mediterranean Garden is just perfect for such a decor.


Look at these cool colorful parasols for Hannah and Darren’s wedding reception at the Mediterranean Garden… It’s our favorite look of this season!

Hannah is an architect, her vision for we wedding day was colourfull, fairy lights and parasols.

We hope we managed to recreate your vision Dear Hannah.









Wedding Venue: hotel Lapad Dubrovnik


One thought on “Cool decoration ideas – YES please!!!

  1. Hi

    We are looking to book a wedding in Croatia next September for around 30 guests. We live the idea of an outdoor wedding on a terrace or rustic style gardens. Iv been looking at lots of things online but to be honest don’t no where to begin.
    Any help, advice, recommendations and support on planning something would be great.



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