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Outdoor Weddings: getting married on Lokrum Island

Outdoor Weddings: getting married on Lokrum Island

Follow the journey of two brides and grooms as they prepare for their island wedding in Dubrovnik.
Both couples had decided to get married in Dubrovnik without ever having visited Croatia.
Both couples chose their ceremony location based on images and our skype consultations together.
Both couples walked away with reality surpassing their expectations.
island weddings croatia
Let’s talk about the island of Lokrum First.
The island is really close by, which makes it an ideal ceremony spot easily to combine with any dinner venue in Dubrovnik, Cavtat or Kolocep island.
 The island is a nature reserve, you will not find any hotels or shops, no cars, no crowdy tourism.
This is a green lush island, which has a dead lake, olive groves, palm gardens, an ancient monastery, 2 bars all together and an old hospital on the top of the hill.

Lokrum island, seen from the city walls in Dubrovnik

Without stalling, let’s have a look at the first wedding. The bride, Laura, and her bridesmaids were getting ready at the Hotel Excelsior. She picked this hotel because it is close enough to walk to the port.


The girls helped each other with their hair and make up.
The groom and his guests gathered at the port in the old town, where an old fisherman’s ship was waiting for them. At the same time, the bride was just about ready at her hotel room.

Paul, the groom, was quite nervous as he saw the ship approaching.
After the guests had been dropped off on the island of Lokrum, the boat returned to pick up the bride and her bridesmaids. All in all, the ceremony could start precisely 30 minutes after the guests arrived on the island.

It was not too hot that day, so the bride decided to walk the distance from her hotel to the dock in Dubrovnik old town.
As their ceremony location, they chose the Palm Garden. Here are several images taken on the island of Lokrum.
They could not have wished for better weather, the Tiffany-blue sky was just perfect.The old monastery on Lokrum is a preferred venue for wedding photography.


Laura and Paul, now husband and wife, as they returned to Dubrovnik.
Soon we will be posting more wedding images of the wedding of Cathryn and Jacques on Lokrum Island.

Your Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

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