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Reflections on the job of a Wedding Officiant

Reflections on the job of a Wedding Officiant

When you help a couple plan their wedding, you see a lot of their hopes, their joys and even their fears. You are privy to their life and love stories in a special way, and you help shape those stories into the kind of ceremony they want. We offer wedding officiant services in Dubrovnik that will make you feel at ease even in the most nervous moments.


I always tell couples that the job of the wedding officiant on their wedding day is to make them look good. That can be as simple as gently moving them into place so their photographer gets a great shot, or relieving their stress by having them repeat their vows so they don’t have to memorize them.

It’s reminding them to enjoy themselves at the ceremony, making them laugh a little, and being flexible enough to handle whatever may happen.
When their unity candle blows out after they’ve lit it, or when someone has to run back to the bridal suite to get the rings during the ceremony, a good officiant can handle this with a smile.

Whatever happens, follow the wedding officiant…

You do not know now what will happen on your wedding day.
Gosh, it can be in the smallest detail.
Last September, the groom gave us two jewelry boxes in the bridal suite and asked us to put them on the table. Of course.
When seating started, the groom moved towards the ceremony table and off we go to place the rings… we open the second box and it was EMPTY!
Now, in such times there is no time nor place to ask many questions or to resort to discussions. Issues like that need to be resolved asap without guests noticing. Anita stepped in and within 60 seconds we had an alternative ring ready, albeit not the wedding ring.
Later on, the bride told us she had the ring in the safe but forgot to tell her husband-to-be she had put it there.

Anita Paskojevic: confidence, elegance and all that with a smile

Anita is of the Bond family, as she does double duty as company director and wedding officiant.
She is pretty good at it too! Well, I believe this is the perfect job for her. Why?

Grand Villa Argentina Wedding Ceremony


Last summer I was having a chat with her very handsome 18 year old son. We were sitting in the shade watching Anita “in action”. She led the ceremony with her known grace and charm. Afterwards, she ushered the guests that needed to be ushered and then took a royal 30 minutes to chat with any family member that was around.

It was hot out in the sun, we were happy to sit and watch from a shaded area.
Looking at her I asked him: “So, how come your mother does not get tired of talking?”
He says: “I ask myself that very question every day”

After some Q and A (I shall not elaborate because we need to give the boy a future to live for), we concluded that Anita must like people and talking to people so much that it comes naturally to her. Even in full sun in 40 degrees Celsius. She is effortless at it and masters the art of conversations to a level that goes above and beyond the average social behaviour.

Loving people and living to talk to them is the basis of a good officiant, because you do not want a grumpy person watching the clock every minute the bride is late. 
So let’s ask Anita….Why do you love what you do?
Villa Banac, Cavtat wedding ceremony


ANITA: “This is easy. Where to start?

Maybe I could start with what a beautiful feeling it is to meet 2 singles – to talk through & organise the ceremony with them and then to have the pleasure to put their hands together and “seal” them into one, to experience their nervousness so close with them before the ceremony, their feelings, tears and hugs during the ceremony… to read their vows together with them and to have the pleasure to congratulate them as the first … each time it makes my day.”

Dubrovnik Wedding Officiant: Anita Paskojevic
Here’s Anita, softly saying the vows which are repeated by the bride and groom.

Anita’s officiant services for symbolic weddings in Dubrovnik can be booked by anyone who needs this. You can find more information about how to book her on our main site www.dubrovnikweddings.com

Happy Planning!

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