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Restaurant with a panoramic seaview

Restaurant with a panoramic seaview

Looking for a wedding venue which is not linked to a hotel? Which is not overrun by tourists? Which has great Sea views? Which has delicious fresh home made food, breads and even wines on the menu? Which is the type of place where time seems to have stood still?

We think we know what you are looking for. Even better. We think this is a perfect example of such a wedding venue in Croatia. Today it is still off the grid. We strongly believe this will all have changed in a few years from now, but today, it is still a hidden gem.




Images of a small

Having a hard time to  Imagine how a small wedding outside the tourist season would look like? Well, tet us hope that the images of this wedding sill change all that!

The tourist season in the South of Croatia ranges from mid May up to end of mid September, that’s when most people would visit the region to spend their summer holiday’s, so that is also when you will find the highest hotel prices, the highest flight prices and you can have a hard time finding venues willing to host a small event in exclusivity.


Off season advantages go a long way 
There is a list of advantages for celebrating your wedding off season: the venues at your disposal increase dramatically, the accommodation options are cheaper, the flights are cheaper, the wedding images will not have tourists in the back ground and you could actually get to have a proper beach wedding or restaurant wedding without having to worry about sunbathing tourists walking in the frame of the shot 🙂

restaurant wedding

Let’s take this wedding as an example. The price of a wedding menu with 4 courses, served at the table with drinks package is between 85 and 95 euro in average. This would be the same price you would pay in August, with the major difference being that off season, it is possible to enjoy the venue in exclusivity for the evening,

Notice how in front of the restaurant, there is an open space. During the summer this is where small tables and chairs are set up to serve as a cafe bar. Now it could have served as a ceremony location if you’d like to have a ceremony with a panoramic seaview (see the image of the view from that location below).



















if you are interested in this type of wedding, do not hesitate to contact us!


The Dubrovnik-Weddings Team

27 thoughts on “Restaurant with a panoramic seaview

  1. Hello There,

    I am looking for an outdoor wedding and I saw this venue and just wanting a bit more information on prices/packages etc.

    There should be approximately 50 guests for both wedding ceremony and reception.

    Ideally we would like to get married with a view of the ocean. Is it possible to get married outdoors at this venue?

    How much is food and what type of menus do you have? Do you do a package including drinks?

    Our dates are flexible from May, June or October 2018

    Thanks for your help, look forward to hearing from you.

    Linda 🙂

  2. Hi,

    We are looking to get married August/September 2019 I loved the look of this venue could you please send me some more information.

    We are estimating around 40 guests also is there a drinks package available if so could you send me some more detail of this and food menus.

    Many thanks

  3. Hi there,

    We’re looking for a venue just like this! Our guest list is approximately 50 people. We’re wondering about prices and what’s included. Also if there is accommodation and what the stipulations are for the accommodation if so.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hello Kaleigh,

      the venue itself has no accommodation, but we have the possibility to sleep your whole wedding party down at the bay, near the water.
      There are basically two accommodation options within a 5 minute drive: hotel or private apartments at the sea.
      The hotel is recently built and is called the Admiral, the private apartments are all located in one villa which can be rented per unit.
      Both these options are within walking distance from each other as well. o no matter where your guests book, you can easily meet up in the evenings.

      I will send you more information via email now!

      kind regards,


  4. Hi there, this venue looks divine but I’m just wondering where in croatia it is please? We came to Zadar in Croatia some years ago and immediately fell in love with the place. We are wanting Saturday September 8th 2018 and would love an outdoor venue with a view and a buzz about it in zadar or Preko if possible. We don’t know how many guests as yet but if you could email me a couple of options if there are any that would be great based on 30 people. We are also very interested in having the actual ceremony in st donat church. So sorry if this email is all a bit in organised. Look forward to hearing from you

    • Dear Kerri,

      unfortunately, we are unable to help you in Zadar or surroundings.
      We focus on the South of Croatia, Zadar is beyond our scope, we do not know enough wedding suppliers there to feel comfortable in assisting you.

      I hope you will find the wedding assistance in Zadar that you need!


  5. Hi,

    My fiancé and I are considering a late July 2018 wedding and think that this is a beautiful option for it. We will have a minimum of 10 guests with the possibility of up to 30 guests (I haven’t consulted my close friends regarding a destination wedding yet). Could you please contact me with the approximate cost of the reception and ceremony? We would like plenty of meat options as well as many drinks for our guests.

    Thank you in advance!


    • Hello Rebecca,

      we have just emailed you some pictures of the last event we had at this venue (which is not present on our website yet) and the menus and an overall budget.
      Since we do destination weddings and we understand that you cannot commit to a guest number now…. as you wrote, it can be 10, it can be 30… we will update all guest number related costs 2 weeks prior to the wedding day.

      So in that sense, the budget is now only a projection.
      The one I have prepared for you is based on 30 guests, so you have an idea of the maximum costs you could have.

      If you have any questions, just email us back and we will try to help.

      Kind regards,


  6. Hi

    This venue looks absolutely stunning and exactly what I would have in mind.

    Please could you send me some more details on the venue please and estimated prices per person.

    I haven’t yet enquired with family and friends who would be able to make the trip over from the UK but I would envisage approx 40-50 people perhaps.

    I would prefer a meat menu and would like to treat our guests to a generous drinks package to keep their costs down.

    We would be looking for early May 2019 although flexible on the dates (midweek or weekend) to keep the costs to a minimum.

    I’d also like a catholic wedding, how far away would be the nearest place to have the ceremony?

    Finally we have 3 small children, who will be aged 7,5,3 by then. Is the venue child friendly, I’m slightly worried there may be steep drops etc, I wouldn’t want to be worrying about their safety every few minutes.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and preying this venue and arrangements surrounding it will be affordable to us


    • Hello Rachel,

      thank you for your message.
      We will email you more details about this venue, including some meat menu examples.
      You are the perfect size of wedding for this venue, it is all very family orientated.

      The venue is child friendly,yes, you should not worry about this, they are able to run around in all safety.

      I will be sending you more information via email, keep an eye out for it!

      Kind regards,


  7. Lynsey Cheeseman

    Hi could you let me know more information on this venue. We are visiting in May to look at possible wedding venues for our wedding in October 2018. We would like to visit for a meal in May.

    Can we get married here aswell as have the reception?

    • Dear Lynsey,

      yes you can have the ceremony there too.
      We are happy to accompany you for your site inspection and arrange your meal tasting.

      I will reach out to you via email to set it all up.


  8. samantha milford

    Hi nina.

    Just reading the above post and as mentioned what a beautiful hidden gem.

    My fiancee and i have been searching for something small, intimate and romantic set up with a view for sometime. This is perfect!

    We have say 30 guest and 5 children under 14 and 4 babies. (Yes 4 babies, my brother and sisters all feel pregnant around the same time) unbelieveable. Ha

    We would be more interested in the meat option. But there may be two vegatarians.

    A ceremony in the same setting would be lovely, but all depending where? If not is there any where local you can reccommend in an old town maybe? Then follow from there to here?

    Which airport is the closest? Are there any local hotels by to accommadate the guest, if so roughly how much for 3 nights?

    Were looking to say our vows on a friday. Either end may/june or end aug/ first week of september 2017.

    Can you please send me an idea of cost. Does the venue have a music license too?

    Im truly excited to receive your response to know if its affordable or not. 🙂


    • Dear Samantha,

      I can see you have many questions, which is only normal of course.

      I think for the size of your group this venue is perfect. The owner is equally good in meat as well as fish menus. I will be sending you a bit more info via email so you can specify the menu request a little more.

      You could have the ceremony on the lowest terrace, that whole area has a lovely view too and it is perfect in size for a ceremony.
      We can dress this up to suit your needs.

      The closest airport is Dubrovnik Airport & the closest villages to look for accommodation are either Slano or Zaton.
      We have quite a few really lovely villa’s in that area which could be a perfect alternative to hotels, but of course, villa’s don’t usually accept a 3 night stay, so this is only an option if you would consider staying longer.

      Unfortunately, we are fully booked end of August and beginning September 2017. End of May and June would be ok.

      You can play music and party there until 3am, which is amazing for Croatian norms. Not only the setting is a real find, also the music is a great plus!

      I shall be sending you more info via email, as promised!

      Kind regards,


  9. Hi,

    I’m really interested in this venue for my wedding. It will not be until around September 2018. It will be aprox 40 guests.

    Is this venue close to any accommodation or a town? If you could email me with some more information please I would appreciate it.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Dear Carli,

      we have just emailed you all the information and venue conditions.
      We do realize it is not as simple as booking a hotel venue, because everything here is custom tailored to every couples’ needs, but please do not worry, we will assist you with all that too!

      Kind regards,


  10. Hiya

    Juat an enquiry really how much approx would it be this place sometime in june or even september for about 20 max guests may be less


    • Dear Laura,

      we have sent you the venue information on your email now.
      If you want, we can also assist you with villa weddings, that type of venue lends itself perfectly for smaller weddings like yours.

      Kind regards,


  11. Hi, I fell in love with this location and our wedding party won’t be more than 50-60 people, if even that… The date we selected is 1 sep 2017. Is the location still available that day? Kind regards, theresa

    • Dear Theresa,

      I can understand why you fell in love with it.
      So did I!!!

      I cannot guarantee that date is available at the moment, would you have an alternative date which could suit you?

      Would you like your menu to be based on meat? Fish or a combination of both?

      Would you require a ceremony there too or just a reception?

      Kind regards,


  12. Hello,
    This venue is just what we are looking for, we need an independent restaurant for a more personal day. We are looking at around 30 guests and wanted some further information as we are planning on visiting early next year. Can you please advise on the name and location of the restaurant and also if its possible to have the ceremony here? menu options and drinks packages would also be helpful.
    Many Thanks

    • Dear Gemma,

      this is not your typical venue.

      There is no “formal” menu with courses and drinks packages to pick from.
      The food is not listed on a menu because it is fresh, as in “caught the day before or the same morning”. There is no website. There is no big marketing machine behind this restaurant. It is all about honest fresh food and a personal service of two owners who love their restaurant.

      Yes, it is possible to have the ceremony there.

      If you want to have more details… we will have to get into detail, because I cannot just send you a list of prices.
      Maybe this will change in the future, but as I said in the blog post, this is still a hidden gem, a rough diamond, it is all custom based now.

      If you want me to help you get started, please advise on
      –> the approximate size of the group
      –> what you expect food wise (more into meat? fish? a combination?)
      –> Are you planning your event in the high season (July & August) or another time of the year

      We can then see how we can meet your needs.
      Planning a wedding here might take a bit longer to establish a menu – because it is all custom made to order – but we can guarantee you it is well worth the effort!

      Kind regards,


  13. Hi I’m wanting an outdoor wedding at this venue and just wanting a bit more information on prices/packages etc.
    There should be approximately 60 -90 guests. How much do you charge for children.
    Can we get married outdoors at this venue?
    How much is food and what type of menus do you have could you have outside caterers?
    & we’re looking for availability preferably August/first week in September 2017

    • Dear Natasha,

      this venue would not be able to take 90 guests I am afraid.
      It is more suited for medium sized weddings.

      Please contact me via email so we can discuss this in detail.

      Kind regards,


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