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Wedding Photographer Dubrovnik


A good wedding photographer in Dubrovnik is Zeljko Curic. You can share all your concerns and doubts with him, he will always be there to help you out! Never be shy to ask questions, because a good photographer will take time and answer them all.


How would you define your photographic style?

Well, this is a hard one. If it must be defined than its photo journalistic most of the time… but then again its not…  it’s like mix of everything as wedding photography should be…. most of all its natural and not trendy or Instagramatic cause I do believe that you should love looking at your photos even 20-30 years from now…

What resolution will the images be that we will get?

 We deliver high resolution images. In general I make sure that the resolution is always big enough to print even bigger than A4. If you have specific needs, then please contact me, let’s skype or have a coffee and discuss it together.

How long should a wedding photo shoot last in your opinion?

The photo shoot should last not less than an hour. But more is better. Sometimes I see the groom getting too hot during our shoot (who blames him, wearing a jacket, sometimes a waistcoat., tie…) so then we take a short break and have a quick drink. 5 minutes in the shade with a cold beer can do miracles. If I only have 1 hour at my disposal, I cannot really take any break, but if i have more time, i can break the shoot up in two blocks and even the groom will enjoy it then! 

Who should be with us during our photo shoot?

The photo shoot should be for the bride and groom only …. its your day… your town… your joy , if you want someone special to join us for first few shots…. perfect , but most of the photo shoot should be the bride and groom alone.

What is your dress code?

I am blending in, I usually am dressed all white, with white linen trousers, a white T shirt and beige moccasins.

How long do you feel photography should last?

I believe it is best to cover all the key moments. If I am being asked to cover the whole wedding, I generally start at the bride getting ready and finish about 30 minutes or so into the dance party. After that, alcohol levels increase and the amount of pictures you could actually show to your friends decreases dramatically 🙂

How much do you charge?

 My prices vary depending if you book wedding assistance or not. For those who book wedding planning assistance by Dubrovnik Weddings, you get discounted rates. If you book only photography, prices are higher. My base price starts at 450 euro for couples who book only photography.

How do we start planning our wedding photography?

 The very beginning of everything is this: where do you want me to start? Is it at the room of the bride when she is getting ready or do you want me to start 30 minutes prior to start of the ceremony? If you want me to start shooting when the bride is getting ready, I need about 45 minutes there before I can move on to either the groom or the ceremony.

Once you have decided that, we can work out the remaining details. I think it will be easier if we discuss this first via skype and once you arrive in Dubrovnik, we will have a coffee together and review then everything we had already decided before..


Remember: tip from Zeljko here

Top Tip: Give me 30 minutes of your time around sunset and you will have some beautiful nighttime shots to cherish forever.


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When I was walking my daughter down the aisle, I kept on telling jokes, trying to keep her smiling. She deserved the perfect wedding, so I tried my best to also add to that.

I was moved to the bone by the wedding ceremony, it was much better than I thought (we, my wife feels the same). You had it all so well prepared, it was so smooth and the words were moving but also to the point.

We could not have wished for a better start for their new life as husband and wife, I am sending you my warmest regards, we shall be forever grateful.

– Mr. Henderson (father of Linda, married 31.08.2013)