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Sound System Rental for Weddings in Dubrovnik

Welcome to a new way of thinking. Where you can have a party and listen to your music, your way, on your timeline.  Have you ever heard someone say “the DJ at my friend’s wedding was so bad”?

We hear that all the time. Read on, on this page you will find a solution!


Many of you hesitate to hire a DJ for a destination wedding because you simply cannot see him work. The DJ’s in Dubrovnik do not have websites featuring their work so it is even harder for us to explain what you can expect. So this may very well be a reason for you to look at a sound system rental.

For others, decreasing the overall cost of a wedding is the main reason why this system is right for them. Obviously, taking on the task of providing the music yourself will require a bit more effort on your part. This guide will explain the basics of what you need to do, point out the pitfalls, and give you some creative ideas that can spice up your event.


Rental Sound System Set for Weddings


Simplicity and ease of use is at the core of this option. You get all this when booking a sound system set with us:

1. Speakers:a pair of speakers with two speaker stands (to bring the speakers up to ear level)
2. A wireless microphone
3. You get two Par 56 L.E.D. lights that are sound activated to change colors.
4. A four-channel professional audio mixer.
and last but not least
5. a laptop to connect to your usb or play your cd’s on.

Delivery to any venue in Dubrovnik is included. Outside Dubrovnik additional charges apply.


1. Which system is right for you?

You’ll have to choose a device to play music at the wedding. We provide you with a laptop, but you can also choose to bring your own or a tablet or an ipod.

It’s strongly advisable to have the wedding music loaded onto more than one device, this may be an ipod, usb stick or a number of cd’s as a safety backup. No matter what system you end up using, it’s a smart idea to always have a backup. If you’re playing CDs, have duplicate discs at the ready. If you’re going for the usb, create two with the wedding music so you are safe in the event that one usb malfunctions.

2. Compile your wedding song list

One of the most important jobs you need to do is to create the song list for the day’s events. You need to figure out exactly which songs will be played at the wedding. You also need to determine the order in which they’ll be played and when they will be played. Once the list of songs is compiled, you need to acquire all of the music and organize it.

If you decide to use a USB, create folders:

  • back ground music during the dinner
  • party music and dancing
  • key moments: entrance of the bride and groom, opening dance, bouquet throwing, wedding cake cutting and so on

3. Do a test before your wedding day

It’s very important to do a test run before the day of the wedding. Be sure to give one of your copy’s to us before the wedding so we can set up and run the sound system with your playback device and give it a listen. This way we can make sure it’s going to work.

4. Making announcements

The announcements can place the dot on the i at weddings. Think about the introduction of the bride and the groom, the announcement of the opening dance, the speeches and more. Clearly, you’re going to need a microphone (in addition to the other sound equipment).

TIP: when making announcements through a microphone and a loudspeaker you run the risk of experiencing loud feedback. Feedback occurs when the microphone picks up the sound of the speaker. Sound travels into the microphone and instantly gets amplified and sent out through the speakers and continues in this loop. The result is a loud, ear-splitting squeal. You can solve this by MOVING a few steps AWAY from the speakers. If you stand too close it’s never good.

Our microphones have an ON/OFF switch directly on the mic, so it’s easier to kill the feedback. The person holding the mic can just turn it off.

5. Disco lightning make the party

People love to cut loose on the dance floor at weddings, and having a few disco lights can really draw people in. The good news about dance lights is that they’re pretty easy to use. We include disco lights in the sound system package which have sound sensors built into them. The sound sensors react to changes in the music, and automatically come up with a light show that’s in sync with the music.

LEDs are a good option for dance lights. They run cool, so you don’t have to worry about anyone touching them and burning their hands.


Most songs I’ve heard DJs play at weddings are what I would personally consider cliche and not at all on my top 100 list. I’m not criticizing DJs at all, most of whom are great at what they do, and if that’s what you want and can afford, go for it. But for me, this is the best option I could have hoped for.

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