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Wedding Officiant


Having the right wedding officiant at your wedding ceremony is so important that it can make or break the most important element of your day: your actual wedding! Never be shy to ask questions, because a good officiant will take time and answer them all.

To read more about our wedding officiant , you can read this post here.

Our officiant is going to ensure your wedding ceremony flows naturally, you will be guided with a smile and a soft hand, leave it all up to her!


Can we create our own text or add our own vows?

Yes, you can!

You decide on the final wordings, readings and vows which will be said at your ceremony

Will you give us examples?

All our couples will receive our “standard” ceremony text. In addition to that, we include several examples of vows and readings. The whole document is 17 pages long and shows you the complete ceremony flow, wordings, symbolism and so on. This is an excellent basis for anyone to start with, all you need to do is delete what you do not like and add what you think will reflect your personalities. 

How experienced are you?

I have witnessed and officiated over 70 weddings. They ranged from only 2 people (the bride and the groom) to a party of 110 guests. No matter how small or large your wedding party is, the ceremony will be very similar.

Do not forget my “Life” experience, which can count for a lot as well! 🙂

How long is the average wedding ceremony?

Of course, this depends on how many readings there are. But in average I’d say a small ceremony lasts for 10 minutes and one with readings lasts for 15 to 20 minutes.

What is your dress code?

I am quite classical and tend to prefer the elegant understated look. Sometimes I dress casual if the couple asks me to, but usually I will prefer a classical outfit.

Will you join us at the wedding reception?

I am always charmed when I get such an invitation but I never accept. I would not feel this to be appropriate, but I appreciate the invitation for sure.

How much do you charge?

For those that have booked one of our romance packages there is no surcharge. My fee is included already. If you are planning your wedding without wedding assistance then please fill out the form below so I can first check availability and send you the pricing.

What do we need to do?

Once you have received from us the document explaining the ceremony flow, wordings and symbolic element, I need you to decide what you want to omit and add. I would like all ceremony text’s to be ready at least 6 weeks before your wedding.

Remember: it is YOUR wedding day!

Top Tip: Listen to advice but don’t let it weigh on you. The two of you need to make this day YOUR DAY. Make it clear that you are going to personalize the wedding as you feel is right…. we are 100% behind you.


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What People Say About Her


When I was walking my daughter down the aisle, I kept on telling jokes, trying to keep her smiling. She deserved the perfect wedding, so I tried my best to also add to that.

I was moved to the bone by the wedding ceremony, it was much better than I thought (we, my wife feels the same). You had it all so well prepared, it was so smooth and the words were moving but also to the point.

We could not have wished for a better start for their new life as husband and wife, I am sending you my warmest regards, we shall be forever grateful.

– Mr. Henderson (father of Linda, married 31.08.2013)