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Rose Petal Carpets for the aisle


Petal carpets are a hot trend now. If you wish to see more examples of rose petal carpets, do check out our blog and go to the “planning” section.


How to order?

1. Send us an email by filling out the form below

2. Mention your preferred colours: you may choose up to 3 colours to be used in one design

3. Choose the design

4. Decide if you want a red or white carpet below your design or not

5. Inform us of your wedding location so we can guide you on the size of carpet you need.

6. Give us the date by which your design should be delivered. Delivery to any location in Dubrovnik is free of charge.


Rose petals add the romantic touch to any ceremony.

Top Tip: choose colours which match and complement the colour theme of your wedding.


Request a Rose Petal Carpet design


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