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Dubrovnik Wedding Venues

Small Wedding venues

View Point and Park Weddings

The View point

Park Orsula

These venues all have in common:

  • These venues are in no way linked to a hotel
  • They all have sea views
  • Privacy
  • They are perfect for the smaller wedding parties

Yes, we love intimate weddings...

We are very interested in assisting you with your wedding, even though it is small, the size does not matter to us. It is all about the overall experience we would like to give you.

We will ensure you will have a dedicated assistant during the wedding day and our main photographer will be taking your pictures, guiding you throughout the various places in town, we will take care of you.

Venue Images

The View Point


Panoramic views at the park

What we think


These ceremony locations have several things in common, which is why we decided to put them next to each other to make things easier for you.

If you have a smaller wedding party, below 25 guests, you can consider each of these locations. After each ceremony, we combine a photo shoot in Dubrovnik old town, so you have both the sea view imagery as well as the historical ones.

dubrovnikweddings swirl2

More options for smaller wedding parties

We will not stop here, of course not!

To see more wedding ceremony locations for the smaller wedding parties… click here.

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