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Dubrovnik Weddings – Symbolic weddings

This section is for all those that have a romantic ceremony in mind, with no paperwork hassle 

You can choose to be civilly married BEFORE OR AFTER your symbolic marriage in Dubrovnik. Our weddings are not validated by the law but by the heart. Or combine a civil signing with a symbolic ceremony to have the best of both worlds.




Angela Matic is our wedding ceremony officiant. She is a lady with many assets, officiating wedding ceremonies comes from the heart, you will notice this when meeting her.


Are you looking to be civilly married in Dubrovnik but you also want that romantic, personalised, creative wedding ceremony? We can help.

Contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.

Ceremony language

The civil ceremony is recited in Croatian, by law, an official court interpreter will simultaneously translate the ceremony text.
The symbolic ceremony is in your chosen language, you can choose between English, Spanish, German, Croatian or Dutch.

A personalised ceremony

By law, the registrars in Croatia have a set ceremony text which cannot be changed. You can add in your own vows but that’s that.
The text of the symbolic ceremony is completely adaptable to suit your background and couple’s history. We will send it to you for reviewing prior to the ceremony.

It all looks & feels the same

If you would not know it… you would not see or feel the difference. The symbolic ceremony is presided by an officiant, the bride will make her grand entrance, there are vows, the signing of the symbolic wedding certificate and music will complement the ceremony.

Symbolic weddings in Croatia

No paperwork costs. No worries.

After reading our legal paperwork pages and the general procedures for civil weddings in Croatia, you will have figured out there are some things to be done in order to get legally married abroad. Not only will any wedding agency charge you more for a civil wedding package, you will also have to consider the extra paperwork costs which will occur in your own country.
When you choose for a symbolic ceremony, all those costs will not longer be applicable so you are saving not only money but also the paperwork-headache!


The symbolic ceremony versus a civil ceremony: a comparison



CIVIL: Original documents have to be submitted in Dubrovnik at least 30 days before the wedding and cannot be older than 90 days (counting back from the wedding date). You have exactly 6 weeks to organise them, have the documents issued and have them stamped by court.

SYMBOLIC: Couples usually get married in their country before or after the marriage. Paperwork is less and the procedure is cheaper. This is also the moment for couples to invite those guests that cannot come to Croatia, like sick family members or grandparents. By including them in this (smaller) event you allow them to participate.

When should I arrive in Dubrovnik?

CIVIL: Plan to be in Croatia 2 days prior to the wedding to meet the registrar at city hall. Please ensure to be here in the morning (between 9 and 12 am) 2 days before because the registry only accepts registrations in the morning.

SYMBOLIC: There is no minimum requirement you have to be in the country.

How long does the wedding ceremony last?

CIVIL: 5 to 7 minutes.

SYMBOLIC: 15 to 20 minutes.

How much can we change the ceremony?

CIVIL: the ceremony text read by the registrar and court translator may not be altered at all.

SYMBOLIC: full flexibility is a guarantee. We have a ceremony text prepared which includes a number of options for readings, vows, musical intermezzo’s and so on but you can tailor all to your needs.

Ceremony Language

CIVIL: The registrar speaks Croatian, all text is translated to English, paragraphs by paragraph, by a court translator

SYMBOLIC: Can be English, Croatian, German, Spanish or Dutch… as per your choice. If we do not master the language you desire, we suggest that we incorporate readings by guests in the language of choice.

The wedding certificate

CIVIL: Will be issued in Croatian. If at any stage in coming years you need certified copies, they can only be issued by the Croatian government.

SYMBOLIC:Will be in English. This is a symbolic certificate which can always be reproduced if needed and sent to you via mail.