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Terri and Aidan’s wedding day

Terri and Aidan’s wedding day

We are waiting for your return next year!


Remember how you promised us to come back in 2014!

Well, we are writing it down in our agenda and shall not forget, and no, we won’t be too busy to meet you both again!


Wedding ceremony: Sponza Palace Dubrovnik

Wedding reception: Grand Villa Argentina



A Dubrovnik Wedding in May

The reference from the bride and groom, Terri and Aidan



We are home now...and wanted to send you an email to thank you all for such a wonderful job.

The planning and co-ordination before, during, and after our wedding has been amazing.

Our wedding day went brilliantly, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!  If we could, we would do it all again!  All of our guests enjoyed the day, and in fact have put it to their number 1 wedding :D 

We would like to thank each of the team, so if you could pass that on we would greatly appreciate it.  Each of you were amazing.  If possible, could you pass an address for yourselves on to us?  

Anita, Dario and Anita's aunt were very hospitable, the villa, suite and apartment were excellent and our stay was very comfortable.  A few of our guests have asked for the villa details as they would like to go back!

Lastly, if you would like anyone to give you a reference, we are more than happy to help.  Please don't hesitate to pass on my email address or phone number (maybe this is easier if you have a client in UK), and we will have a chat or send them some of our pictures.  

I will also send you the details of my friend who co-ordinates weddings for a firm in Greece, maybe in the future you might want some help from the UK (I would love to!! Hehe).

When we come back to Dubrovnik, it would be lovely to see you for a coffee, if you're not too busy!!

Goodbye for now, and thank you!

Terri and Aidan xx

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