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The Palm Terrace in Dubrovnik: images of the wedding reception area

The Palm Terrace in Dubrovnik: images of the wedding reception area

The Palm Terrace in Dubrovnik is a large terrace, bordering the sea, overlooking the old town. The addition of a few large palm trees and a port within walking distance only add to the benefits of this wedding reception location.

Many destination wedding couples pick this venue because it ticks so many boxes.

We know it can be hard to envisage how a wedding reception set up can look like, so with this post we are trying to show you all kinds of angles of this so popular wedding location in Dubrovnik.. in the hope that it will become clear to you how it can look like.


This venue can be used from weddings from 20 up to 120. In the very last image you will see that only part of the terrace is used for this particular wedding set up. If you look on the left hand side, you can also see a second dance floor, a larger one. Once a wedding has 75 guests or more, the larger dance floor becomes more suitable.




The image above illustrates clearly that the main table is set up just aside the dance floor, and guest tables are spread out to the left and right of the bridal table. below you can see the “street view” of the terrace. This is actually the hotel’s second entrance, a slope, which is cut off from traffic by a barrier. Only hotel employees have access to this slope, during wedding dinners security will make sure no disturbance comes from this end.



Above you can see that the sun sets behind the old town. If the weather gods are on your side, they will color the sky all shades of blues, reds and purples creating that magic afterglow.






By showing you all the various angles of the palm Terrace, we hope it will help you in the sense that you will be able to visualize your own wedding reception here. Clearly, you decide if you want round or long tables, and how those should be set up. The lay out of the tables depends on your wishes.


We hope this helps!

Happy Wedding Planning everybody!


The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.


6 thoughts on “The Palm Terrace in Dubrovnik: images of the wedding reception area

  1. Hi ya,

    I saw somewhere that it said the Palm Terrace can only be booked Monday to Thursday? Is this correct? I was considering it as a potential wedding venue but on a Friday or Saturday.

    Many thanks,

    • Hello Emma,

      you can book this venue every day of the week for a wedding reception or a wedding ceremony & reception combined.
      However, if you are planning on dining elsewhere and just interested in having your wedding ceremony at the venue, then indeed, you are only having the possibility to have your wedding ceremony at the Palm terrace from Monday to Thursday.

      Kind regards,

      Dubrovnik Weddings

    • Hello Claire,

      yes, this is possible.

      I will send you more information on your email but to keep it short, you could basically have our ceremony and reception there or at a similar venue with equally stunning views next door.

      The Palm terrace does charge exclusivity fees for the smaller weddings, which is why often, it is only picked for the ceremony and then for dinner we would go elsewhere.

      That all depends on how you feel about this extra fee of course.

      Please check your email, we’ll send you thorough documentation about this.

      Kind regards,

      Dubrovnik Weddings

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