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The wedding ceremony chronologically explained

The wedding ceremony chronologically explained

In this blog, I mainly try to give the couples who are thinking about getting married in Dubrovnik a good impression of what they can expect. Good information is key to success, as well as good preparation of course. Working with a good wedding planner might help too 🙂
Today, I would like to touch on the subject of the wedding ceremony itself. Surprisingly, in the wealth of decisions to be taken, the ceremony itself is often overlooked.  By now, after browsing our site , you will have a fairly good idea of what the weddings can LOOK LIKE, so let’s take a moment and discuss how your wedding ceremony WILL BE.


Dubrovnik wedding ceremony, Croatia

The Wedding Ceremony chronologically explained

This is an overview of a wedding ceremony in chronological order. I will touch the main elements just before and after the officiant does her “magic”!

STEP 1: seating of your guests

Ceremony locations can look a bit bear before guests arrive. A good way to impress is to make sure music is playing as soon as the guests are arriving. Don’t over-think your selections. It is often easier to have the musicians play some soft back ground music.
Ushers invite people to be seated where ever they wish thereby giving the audience a balanced look or two sections are reserved: the groom’s and bride’s side. if you do not have a more or less equal amount of guests for both sides, then do not divide guests and just balance them out.

STEP 2: Escorting of VIP’s to their seat

The entrance of VIPs as they are escorted to their seats is the first act of a wedding ceremony.  Generally, grandparents are seated first, then the parents.  When the bride’s mother is seated the ceremony begins. For the more informal wedding, this step 2 is skipped all together.

STEP 3: The aisle runner

An aisle runner may be used to accentuate the entrance of a bride.
The only people who should walk on an aisle runner before a bride are the bridesmaids and flower girl. If you have the escorting of the VIP’s they can walk over the carpet too. Other guests will walk to their seats via the sides.

STEP 4: Entrance of the bridal party

Line up just before the ceremony starts. I encourage the ladies to not run (walk too fast), to not look at their feet and especially… to smile when they walk down the aisle. You’d be surprised how difficult that is when all the guests are watching your every move.

The bridal party will walk down the aisle to dedicated music, carefully selected by the wedding couple.

STEP 5: Entrance of the bride

The ceremony’s first emotional high point as all eyes turn toward the bride making her entrance. She may wish to walk down the aisle on the same music as the bridal party, or change it to her own. 
Many brides are nervous at this point, it is a wedding planner’s job to make her feel calm and confident, make sure she does not run, and does not keep her bouquet like an ice cream 🙂 🙂
But let’s take a moment and turn to the groom, who, as you can see by a clearl facial expression… is not without nerves neither!

STEP 6: The ceremony starts

Here is where the big changes can be depending on whether you chose to have a symbolic or a civil wedding ceremony. I will explore those differences in my next posts.
I can tell you today that you will have the most flexibility when choosing for a symbolic ceremony.

STEP 7: The recessional walk

There you’ve had it, you said you’re I DO’s, you had “the kiss” you have signed and it is now a fact you are Mr. and Mrs.!
There is only one thing left to do now: the recessional walk!

Look at the relief on the happy faces of these newlyweds, they chose for a “simple” recessional walk.

There are two ways to plan your recessional walk, in both cases involve your guests so that they know what will happen. 
1.       You walk down the aisle with your guests still present. The ushers and wedding coordinator will have your guests to stand up before you start walking. As you and your lover walk between these guests, they’ll shower you with petals, or ring hand bells, or blow bubbles or applaud you.  When performed with a great choice of music, the effects are dazzling.
2.       The ushers and wedding coordinator usher the guests outside, they will be distributed the accessory you choose (bubbles, petals, bells etc.) and give you a big welcome outside the ceremony venue. 
These are the guidelines of any ceremony, no matter if you plan to marry according your religion, have a symbolic or a civil wedding.
I hope you found this blog helpful, soon we will be touching on the ceremony wording differences between a civil and a symbolic wedding ceremony in Dubrovnik!
Happy Planning Everyone!

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  1. Thank you very much for this post. It has helped us to understand a bit more how detailled you really plan the wedding.
    We’re looking forward to more posts like this!

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