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Unusual wedding locations: the first ever couple to get married at this rustic outdoors terrace is… Linda and Dean!

Unusual wedding locations: the first ever couple to get married at this rustic outdoors terrace is… Linda and Dean!

Today we would like to introduce Linda, now Mrs. Pengelly, who has written us some feedback after her Dubrovnik Wedding Day.
They had stunning views for the wedding ceremony and dinner, many family and friends & lots of fun and laughter on their wedding.

Dean and I came to Dubrovnik, Croatia last year following the recommendation of a close friend who also got married in Croatia. On our first night out here we completely fell in love with the place.


Mr. and Mrs. Pengelly!!

 A condition of our wedding proposal was that we got married in a hot climate and Dubrovnik fitted the bill perfectly.

Ceremony views.


I stumbled across Nina and her team through her website and was very impressed by the quality of recommendations. They say first impressions last and we were both so relaxed with Nina and her team straight away, she managed to grasp exactly the kind of wedding day we wanted. We both wanted a relaxed and informal wedding but still with a sense of occasion. I also wanted to make sure we utilised the stunning back drop of Dubrovnik at every opportunity. Nina suggested a variety of venues but has a cunning ability to be able to sense when a location was right. She even managed to negotiate a different venue for the ceremony when our original choice was double booked at a cheaper cost with much better views!

Dean really was very easy when it came to wedding planning, but it was his request to “do something with the entrance”.

Arrival of the guests.

Dean Pengelly, the groom.

When Dean arrived at the ceremony venue, he pretended to be calm and relaxed, but we knew better. His son, Keith, did not only inherit his father’s handsome looks but pulled of quite the speech later on in the day!

The ceremony was conducted in the old town with the reception being held in Hotel Neptun. As some of our guests were only staying a short time it gave them the opportunity to see a little more of Dubrovnik.


Linda’s father kept on telling her jokes as they approached the aisle… on purpose?


The father of the bride surely knew what he was doing! He entertained his daughter with numerous jokes just before walking down the aisle, so she just could not stop laughing. With a strong handshake he welcomed Dean into the family, as he gave his daughter away. Later on that night, he said in his speech that Dean clearly was a bright man, since he married his beautiful daughter.


All the team throughout the day were superb from the hair and makeup stylists to the photographer. All came recommended through Nina and they all helped to make our day special. The photographer really made it so easy for us and there were no long posing for photographs which helped the day flow along wonderfully, however we still were able to get some beautiful scenic shots.


We were even able to throw in a surprise boat trip for our 30 guests which everyone agreed was the highlight of the day. It really was amazing to see and hear our guests reactions. The champagne on board was delicious and I think we set a new record for the amount we enjoyed.

The reception started off lively as we had a little bit longer on the boat than expected due to the water, we were totally oblivious and our wedding planners had everything under control in the background. The decor throughout the whole day for the ceremony was beautiful but when I saw the reception it really took my breath away! I had given Nina some ideas of what I liked but nothing prepared me for how breathtaking it all looked on the day. Far better than I could have imagined.

The reception venue was fantastic, we had BBQ menu and the food was delicious. Many people went up for seconds and thirds it was that good. We had some specific requirements that they were happy to accommodate and the staff provided great service. They also allowed us to dance into the small hours and we certainly did!

Audrey Moore and Linda getting ready to throw the bouquet…

The feedback on the day from our guests was incredible and everyone has said they will be visiting Dubrovnik again. The main memory I will take from my wedding day is laughing a lot and really thoroughly enjoying the day. There were some nerves in the morning but these quickly went once everything got into full swing and I saw my husband smiling as he waited for me.

There really are no words that can accurately describe the service that we received from the Dubrovnik Weddings – team. They were helpful and responsive to all my queries in the build up to the wedding no matter how trivial or unusual. I really felt in a safe pair of hands throughout. I will miss contacting them! I think you will see from the photos how happy we both are, the day was better than we could have ever imagined.

5 thoughts on “Unusual wedding locations: the first ever couple to get married at this rustic outdoors terrace is… Linda and Dean!

  1. This looks absolutely AMAZING, I have been looking for something different but caters to small wedding (30 people), quant and intimate. This seems to tick all of the boxes.
    I am interested to know further? Details of the rustic outdoors terrace, is it near the hotel? The price of the venue for 30 people with BBQ buffet. Price of the rustic terrace?

    • Dear Maeveen,

      thank you for your nice comment.

      it is a Croatian wedding venue which is definitely “off the beaten tracks”.
      It does not below to any of the hotels in Dubrovnik, it really is just a terrace with a fabulous view at one of the best locations in the city.

      It is in fact amazing it has not been bought by some large chain that has turned it into a fancy wine bar or something, so that is our luck.
      Now we can still have a rustic wedding ceremony and reception there.

      The location is at Ploce gate. If you are familiar with the region, you should look at Dubrovnik old town. The town is a walled city, with 3 entrance gates, one of those gates is called Ploce.

      We will send you more information via email.

      kind regards,

      Dubrovnik Weddings

    • Dear Agi,

      we saw you have emailed us as well. Thank you.

      We are preparing an offer for you based on everything you wrote, and don’t worry, we have a way to make ceremonies last longer… we’ll send you all this info, including a budget within the next 24 hours.

      Dubrovnik Weddings

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