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Wedding Costs in Croatia

What does it cost to get married in Croatia or Dubrovnik? Is a wedding abroad cheaper or more expensive than getting married at home? The devil is in the details and it is hard and dangerous to generalize. However, we can send you the package prices of the individual wedding types. Here is what you can expect from the Dubrovnik Weddings-team!


Small Weddings in Dubrovnik


Symbolic weddings Croatia


Civil Destination Weddings


Religious Weddings Croatia

How and where should I start my wedding planning?

It is our aim to inform you as well as possible regarding the options available before asking you to commit. This is why we have put in a great effort on revamping our website and listing the best options for wedding ceremonies and wedding dinners in the region of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We shall make you a budget draft and are happy to discuss your plans via phone calls with you to make sure everything is clear.
Once you feel that we are the right wedding planner agency to work with, and you are interested to receive our services, we will ask you to agree to the price and services included in one of our basic packages followed by the payment of a deposit.

Once this is done, your date will be considered as booked.

What are your fees?

We have several packages which we promote, they are a civil wedding package, a romance wedding package, a religious wedding package and 3 packages tailored to the mini weddings.

When should the full wedding cost be paid?

Further deposits are required for the dinner venue, your band or DJ and the boat service (if you need one).
These are the only deposits you will be asked to pay until the wedding. We will pay most of remaining suppliers on the wedding day only, not before.
The remaining balance (total wedding costs minus deposits already given) should be paid the latest at the time of your arrival in Dubrovnik.

Where can we find a good band or a good hairdresser?

Next to the basic wedding assistance packages, we offer most wedding related services. No need to look any further.
Our website will explain them all to you. To make the process easier for you, you can book them with us and we will make sure every supplier knows what to do and when and we will communicate any changes you make with each one of them. However, most vendors prefer to be paid directly.