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Wedding photography in Dubrovnik

Wedding photography in Dubrovnik

What can you expect from your wedding photographer in Dubrovnik?


Asako and Masahiro flew all the way from Japan to Dubrovnik with precisely the same question in mind: what kind of wedding images will we get?

When we plan a wedding, of a photo shoot, like in the case of Asako and Masahiro, we try to plan the photo session and the details upfront. There are no two weddings the same, so, a wedding photographer will never be able to promise you the exact same thing.

However, there are a few guidelines that every bride and groom that is planning on getting married in Dubrovnik should consider.



Don’t forget about the groom

Yes, we know it is really all about the bride. Everybody is curious how she will wear her hair, which dress she picked and what bouquet style she fancies. But let’s not forget about the groom. So when planning in your time with your wedding photographer, allocate some time with the groom as well. It does not need to take an hour, because for many grooms that’s simply too long, but try to not forget about this when planning the start of your wedding day.





Time your photo shoot well

When you go for your photoshoot will influence how you look. If possible, avoid the harsh sunlight at lunch. That soft sidelight, that yellowish evening glow is always giving a softer, more appealing look.



You don’t always have to look and smile at the camera

In fact, we prefer you don’t. Let’s try to minimize the cheesy smiles to the family portrait sessions only shall we? Just enjoy each others company and have fun, relax and… maybe steal a kiss?




Don’t be shy.. it’s your wedding

We totally understand that a shy person is not very much in favor of a photoshoot. Just the word photoshoot will make them cringe. That’s ok though. We know how to handle this too. You’ll only be asked a few times to look straight at the camera, and if we ask, it’s to achieve a specific image. So just for that hour or 2 on your wedding shoot… let go of your defenses and give them your most confident look!



Some locations are so typical for Dubrovnik… you should not miss them.

No 2¬†weddings are the same, as we said before… but there is one thing that every destination wedding must have: a set of images which reflect the city of Dubrovnik. Why else would you fly all the way over to Dubrovnik? It is also because you want to be reminded of the city’s beauty…. and to get married of course ūüėČ




Be original… keep an eye out for unusual corners

In a city like Dubrovnik, with all it’s history, it’s corners, alleys… quirky doorways…. you can find lots of unusual things. We love couples that see things and get excited and would like to have their picture at that specific spot they just saw. we love your input! So when we take you for your walk through the town during your photoshoot… give us a shout when you see a detail you love!



Dubrovnik Hotels can have interesting elements for wedding photography

Ok.. we’re not too much of a fan of images at hotels. True. But it does not mean it cannot be done. If you¬†are a repeat guest for a specific hotel in Dubrovnik, you have been going there for years.. you’ll probably want to reflect this in your images. remember, let us know if this is the case, so we can make sure we¬†include this in your wedding portfolio.



Reportage style images

Some moments you just have to let happen and capture them. They are beautiful because they are natural. (let’s not speak about the second photographer waving his hands to warn coming traffic…)



Posed images versus non posed wedding images

This is a knife that cuts both ways. You will have to have both. Weddings “all natural” without one posed image will also not have a group image… because that too is posed, isn’t it? We suggest the following approach: let’s start the photo shoot with your photographer as he has envisaged it. He will have ideas as to where to take you and which angles work. Follow his lead. Once you feel your shyness is taking over, or you just feel it’s enough images… tell him! He won’t mind, he’ll take you for a drink (as it likely will be hot and that will probably be the first thing you need) and make you relax. Voice your opinion on the spot, that way, we can be sure the shoot is as you like it to be.



End your time with your photographer with one last shot

And yes, before you ask, this one is posed. It’s the last one of the day and the one which the photographer has likely panned ahead of time. even if it means you have to leave your guests alone for 10 minutes, we really recommend you do it, because it will leave you with one final portrait likely worth framing!


Happy Wedding Planning!


The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

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