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Wedding Photography in Dubrovnik: Mini Wedding parties

Wedding Photography in Dubrovnik: Mini Wedding parties

When the bride and groom are very shy…

Agata and Ross are shy, timid, modest, polite, kind and basically all those adjectives that fit within that range. It was a pleasure witnessing their wedding day. It was a very small wedding party of 4 people: the bride, the groom and their two witnesses.
When arriving at their luxury apartment in the old town of Dubrovnik, we found Agata especially to be very timid and possibly even more reserved. The nerves had clearly kicked in.
It took possibly 50 shots before this one to calm her nerves and to have her confident enough to look straight into the camera, but look at this shot… it was worth the wait!

dubrovnik weddings

Believe us when we tell you that the confidence that shows in this image is a total contradiction to her character, Agata did not recognize herself when she saw it first! We love how her steel blue eyes dominate this shot and her vintage hairdo comes out so well.


Some more images taken before heading out to go to the church:


Bride getting ready
The wedding ceremony at the church was short and intimate. Could it be that the groom was even more nervous than the bride?  We think so… Father Don. Robert was his kind self and also did all he could to make them both more at ease.
And here we go… the first big smiles of the day…. as newlyweds!

If you recognize yourself in this couple and you know that you do not like to stand in front of a camera, then we have some tips for you.

1. Take your time. Allow for the photo shoot to start 30 minutes earlier because most likely, you need that first half an hour to get used to the camera, the flash and all the commotion.

2. Make sure you are not late in getting ready. If you are, it builds up unnecessary stress.

3. Hire a photographer and planner with whom you feel confident. Speak via skype or phone before the wedding day to go through the wedding together and discuss all your photo wishes well beforehand.

4. Sometimes… a bottle of champagne does the trick!

I do not know about you… but to us… these images do not show at all their camera fear. I think that together, we managed very well to come up with images that they will like to look at for many years to come.
Black and white wedding photography, Dubrovnik
Before going for dinner in one of the best fish restaurants in Dubrovnik, Proto, the bride slipped back into her sneakers and we said goodbye.

Happy planning!

The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

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