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Wedding reception at the sea

Wedding reception at the sea

Having a wedding reception at the sea is something most destination wedding couples ask their wedding planner in Dubrovnik. We are always so focused on Dubrovnik, when in the surrounding small villages, there are little gems to discover. Here’s a good one: Cavtat. this little seaside villa is a real sleeping beauty,and we sincerely hope it will remain asleep for quite some time to come.


Get married avoiding tourists and crowds, but still enjoying the seaside setting


Some couples prefer to incorporate Dubrovnik in only part of their wedding day, such as having the ceremony in Dubrovnik, then enjoy a champagne boat  cruise and dock in Cavtat (see image below where you can dock) and then have dinner at one of the seaside terraces (see below).

Other prefer to combine a church wedding in Cavtat, with a dinner at the seaside terrace. Other again prefer to get married at the Villa or at the highest panoramic terrace, followed by drinks at the lounge bar and then dinner at yet another terrace?

Are we confusing you? Too many options? Good! Options are always good news.

Let’s just show you a few images and some buffet and served wedding menus, so you get an idea of the setting and the food.

We are here to help you work out all remaining wedding details!


Happy Wedding Planning!

The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.





Wedding Buffet options below 65 euro per person


Here are 3 example buffet menus which are offered for wedding receptions at any of the sea view terraces you can see on this page. You can mix and match between the menus, and let us know. We will get back to you with the wedding buffet price.

Important: these wedding menus are for 2016 weddings, we cannot guarantee these prices for the 2017 wedding season.



Soup of the day

Chilled Spanish “Gazpacho”:

with extra virgin olive oil

Fresh salads bar with garnishes and dressings

(Lettuce, carrots, corn, cabbage…)

Assorted salami & cheeses

Traditional Coleslaw

Shrimps cocktail with Thousand Island dressing

Bruschetta with eggplant caviar „Baba Ganush“

Chicken salad with pineapple and curry

Pasta Rotini with sauce Florentine

Veal scaloppini with mushroom

and basil tomato sauce

Pork tenderloin served with plum sauce

Tuna filet with Vermouth Sauce

Seasonal vegetables on butter, Potato Gnocchi

Rice with green peas

Pastry Chef’s creations

Fresh fruit basket

Old Town

Soup of the day

Chilled roasted cantaloupe soup

Fresh salads bar with garnishes and dressings

(Lettuce, carrots, corn, cabbage…)

Assorted salami & cheeses

Tuna salad with vegetables

Brochette with fresh tomato and Mediterranean herbs

Fresh mussels with white wine

Grilled Chicken Breast with Peanut butter Sauce

Sea Bass fillet in vanilla sauce

Roasted Lamb with rosemary sauce

Broccoli and cauliflower in Morney sauce


Chicken salad “Florida”

Gratinated potatoes

Carrot Vichy

Pastry Chef’s creations

Fresh fruit basket

BBQ hot

Fresh salads bar with garnishes and dressings

Tuna salad flavored with oregano

Swordfish from the grill whit garlic and parsley

in extra virgin olive oil

Calamari marinated with peppers olive oil

Spiced chicken breast

Beef skewers marinated in mustard

Sauces: BBQ, Chimichurri, pepper corn

Baked potato with chive and sour cream

Seasonal vegetables

Pastry Chef’s creations

From our grill:

Assorted sausages

Vegetables kebab

Corn on the cob

Basmati rice

Fresh fruit basket







Wedding menus, served, below 85 euro per person


The wedding menus here are all served at the table. They are priced from 60 euro to 85 euro per person. Again, you can mix and match between these menus and come up with your ideal wedding menu.



Beef Carpaccio with fresh garden greens and truffle oil

Adriatic Fish consommé

Wild mushroom risotto with Parmesan cheese flakes

Orange sorbet with Grand Marnier

Dentex fish filet served with deep fried heart of

Jerusalem artichokes and a “Provencal” sauce

Sacher cake

Coffee / tea


Venison pate in puff pastry with cranberries sauce

Wild mushroom bisque

Pan fried scallops, guacamole, crispy bacon

Intermezzo (lemon sherbet with vodka)

Beef filet with a”Rosti” garlic potato, onion jam

and mustard Dijon sauce

Orange and chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

and almonds sauce

Coffee / tea


Carpaccio of monkfish with anchovies filet

in lemon juice, smoke salmon rose

Cream of leek served with sea scallop and

Fiocchi stuffed with cheese and pears served on

mascarpone sauce, pine nuts and chives

Lamb chops served with Italian potato and rosemary sauce

Mandarin cold cream with raspberries sauce

fried julienne of leek

Coffee / tea






2 thoughts on “Wedding reception at the sea

  1. samantha milford


    Can we please have some more information on the venue cost for 30 guest.

    Were looking to hold our wedding in june or september 2017, pref on a friday.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Dear Samantha,

      we have emailed you the complete venue conditions.

      Here are the venue related costs:

      DINNER at the Seaview Terrace, costs based on 30 adults

      ** Dinner costs: estimated for this budget is 60 euro per person = 1800 euro
      ** Wedding cake, priced at 5 euro per person. You can choose the flavor and the look. This venue does not allow for delivery of wedding cakes. You have to take the cake from them. = 150 euro
      “** Unlimited drinks package for 2 hours. This package includes the following beverages: Sparkling wine, high quality red and white wine, Beer, Williams brandy, herbal brandy, Vodka, gin, Prosek -Croatian sweet wine Soft drinks, salty snacks = 666 euro
      ** Extra hour for the drinks package above = 156 euro
      ** Music must be lowered at 23.00h. You do not need to turn the music off, but after that time it should be at restaurant level. You can stay and enjoy the rest of the party until 3am.
      ** Menu tasting is 50% of regular price if wedding has been booked by paid deposit. White chair covers and white tablecloths for the dinner set up are included in the menu price. Buffet menus as served as of 30 dining guests = 60 euro
      ** One room free of charge at the Hotel Croatia***** for the wedding night free as of 30 booked dining guests, the bride can also get ready in this room if the room is ready prior to regular check in time.

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